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Nothing out-of-the-ordinary ever happens at Wellington’s prestigious Arrowhead High School, and that’s just the way Tracey Aldridge, the ambitious head photographer for Arrowhead’s student newspaper, doesn’t like it. But when arrogant new student Daniel Ward barrels into Tracey’s life with wild claims of murders and cover-ups within Arrowhead’s student body, Tracey is thrust into an investigation where the money shot could come at a steep price.
Jason Stegemann is a man of two lives. Offline, he works a dead-end supermarket job to pay for the tiny flat he shares with a volatile flatmate. Online, he’s Sherlock, a charismatic and revered poster on the Nothing is Original internet forum. But when Jason falls for a girl and turns to the internet for advice, his position at the top of the forum food chain comes under threat – and it might just take his real life with him.

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Adam Goodall

Adam Goodall s-a nascut la data de in , Noua Zeelandă.

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