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Light vs Dark: The Adventures of Rama
There is a great contest to win the heart of Princess Sita. Many suitors try and fail including the 10-headed King of Lanka, Ravana, until Rama steals Sita’s heart. But Rama and his new wife must leave Ayodhya, and go to the forest and as they say goodbye to the city all of the lights go out. In the forest they live happily for many years, but on the island of Lanka, Ravana is still fuming about losing Sita! He disguises himself as magic creatures and kidnaps Sita, taking her to his island home. When Rama discovers Sita is gone he is in despair until Hanuman, the Monkey King, arrives and agrees to take a message to Sita. Full of hope Rama and Hanuman build a bridge of stones over the ocean to Lanka where they battle Ravana until his death. When Sita and Rama are reunited they return to the Circular City and all of the lights come back.
Swabhoomi: Borrowed Earth
Seamlessly fusing together, the serious with light-hearted moments, Swabhoomi explores the intricacies of the Kiwi-Indian experience, from migrants who dug gold in the Otago goldrush to digging up vegetables in Pukekohe today. Not shying away from the gritty issues of immigration, the stories tell of the lives of the early days while facing the backlash of white extremists who did not want them there, right through to the dilemma of students facing deportation today. Swabhoomi merges theatre, movement, puppetry, poetry and music; seeking to examine what it is to be an Indian Kiwi.
From the lush, green, tea estates of Sri Lanka to a distant future, Tea is a sweeping saga which travels over a thousand years and several continents to weave a tale of legacies, prophecies, love and the world's most popular beverage.
The Mourning After
A young New Zealand expatriate returns to Sri Lanka to discover tragedy; his ancestral village and people have been washed away in the devastating tsunami of 2004. His search among the debris for his family and cultural roots take him on a journey.

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Ahi Karunaharan

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