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Anybody Seen Marie Leveau?
A pastiche of folklore and history about the nineteenth-century French, Native American, and African New Orleans voodoo queen.
The visual in this play (as in life) speaks louder than any amount of words. All the women, except Gina Rose are very light with varying shades of blonde hair. The actress who plays Gina Rose should appear the lightest and the only one without blonde hair (preferably jet black long and straight hair and she could pass for Caucasian more than any of the other women). Sienna is the darkest of the women and yet she is barely brown. All the men, however, are dark. Paul Paul Legba, is very, very dark. The word “pretty“ is a euphemism for light skin and every time it is uttered it should hold an awesome weight in the speaker’s mouth. - Aishah Rahman
In Mens Eyes
A black assistant principal of a high school commits suicide during a crisis over the integration of his school
Jukebox, The
Deals with the integration problem in American high schools
Knitte Shop, The
Lady and the Tramp, The
Shows the alienation between men and women in modern society
Lady Day:A Musical Tragedy
The tragedy of Billie Holiday
Linus Song
Mama, The: A Folks Tale
This play, inspired by the story of George Jackson, explores the relationship between a political prisoner and his mother.
Mojo And The Sayso, The
Study of the ways that people cope with the aftermath of tragedy.
Mother to Son
Part of trilogy The Mama.
Only In America
Creates a language for America's "invisible women".
Portrait of a Blues Lady
A middle-aged black woman reviews her life and finds the strength to go on
Transcendental Blues
A middle-aged woman reviews her life after she is abandoned by her young lover
Unfinished Women Cry In No Man's Land While A Bird Dies In A Gilded Cage
Deals with the events in a home for unwed mothers on the last day of jazz musician Charlie Parker's life, March 12, 1 955. Reaches beyond statistics and sociological theories to find the unarticulated, half understood longings of teen-age mothers.
Voodoo America

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Aishah Rahman

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