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"The History Boys"
Set in the early 1980s, the play follows a group of history pupils preparing for the Oxford and Cambridge entrance examinations under the guidance of three teachers (Hector, Irwin, and Lintott) with contrasting styles.Hector, an eccentric teacher, delights in knowledge for its own sake, but the headmaster ambitiously wants the school to move up the academic league table; Irwin, a supply teacher, is hired to introduce a rather more cynical and ruthless style of teaching. Hector is discovered sexually fondling a boy and later Irwin's latent homosexual inclinations emerge.
A Chip In the Sugar
Middle aged Graham, Oedipally resenting his widowed mother's plans to marry again, will never accept that he is virtually married to her himself.
A Cream Cracker Under the Settee
Doris, another lonely widow who has visits from Zulema, the home help, except Doris thinks she's more of a home hindrance who won't let her do housework. I'm the only person who stands between you and Stafford House,~ says Zulema. But independent Doris does some dusting, takes a tumble and ends up on the floor unable to move. While rememt ring her late husband and the chile they nearly had, she spots a cream cracker under the settee. That will do for evidence against Zulema if she threatens Doris with Stafford House again.
A Lady Of Letters
A lonely lady who writes letters, they are mostly letters of complaint to the authorities in Yorkshire where she has little to do but watch her neighbours and lament the disintegration of community.
A Question of Attribution
The play is based on Anthony Blunt's role in the Cambridge Spy Ring and, as Surveyor of the Queen's Pictures, personal art advisor to Queen Elizabeth II. It portrays his interrogation by MI5 officers, his work researching and conserving art works, his work at the Courtauld Institute, and his acquaintance with the Queen. While supervising the restoration of a dual portrait in which only partial attribution to Titian is thought credible, Blunt discovers a third figure that had been painted over by an unknown artist, and concludes by comparison with a better known triple portrait in London's National Gallery that the newly revealed third figure was Titian's son. As Blunt's public exposure as a spy in 1979 draws near, the play suggests that he has been made a scapegoat to protect others in the security service. At the end, the time of Blunt's exposure, Blunt tells Chubb that X-rays had revealed the presence of a fourth and fifth man.
A Visit From Miss Prothero
A Poignant observation of human nature which highlights the comedy to be found in the nuances of the everyday. a telling tale of how our workplace can impact on our lives. Retired office worker arthur Dodsworth is enjoying spending his twilight years dozing in his chair and tending to his budgie, that is until Miss Prothero, a former work collegue decides to visit unexpectedly to keep him informed of events at work and shatter his peace and quiet.
An Englishman Abroad
True incident in the life of actress Coral Browne telling the story of her encounter with the spy Guy Burgess in Moscow in 1958.
Bed Among the Lentils
Susan, a vicar's wile living near Leeds. She can barely cope with the lifestyle and the attendant do-gooders, well-meaning women who attach themselves to her husband In the hope of a little reflected glory. Susan hits the sherry bottle - or the communion wine, It there's nothing else to hand - but one day her loveless marriage gets a lift when she drops In on an Asian grocer with whom she enjoys a dabble in extra-marital relations. It changes her life and off she goes to aa meetings.
Beyond the Fringe
A variety of skits from spoof Shakespeare to nuclear war experts.
Cocktail Sticks
A son talks to his dead Father as his mother yearns for a different life. It's funny, tender and sad. the pinnacle of my social life is a scrutty bit of lettuce and tomato and some tinned salmon. Mind you, I read in Ideal Home that if you mix tinned salmon with this soft cheese you can make it into one of those moussy things. Shove a bit of lemon on it and it looks really classy.
Denmark Hill
Adapted from the author's screenplay by Honor Borwick. the premiere reading of Alan Bennetts lost early unproduced play for television, Denmark Hill is a deliciously acerbic black comedy set in South east London. 15 year old Harriet is wrestling with an essay on Hamlet while her alcoholic father, Frank, is dying upstairs. In the aftermath of his death, Harriets tale is drawn into a strangely familiar story: a suburban Hamlet. In different guises here come Claudius, Gertrude, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, Polonius and Ophelia. even the travelling players take a part.
Working-class family life with an elderly couple living in the last back-to-back in Leeds encountering a series of jolting surprises.
Forty Years On
The play is set in a British public school called Albion House, which is putting on an end of term play in front of the parents, i.e. the audience. The play within the play is about the changes that had happened to the country following the end of the Great War in 1918 and the loss of innocence and a generation of young men.
Getting On
A disenchanted socialist MP who doesn't like people contends with his passing years.
Green Forms
Two women comfortably installed in an obscure department of a large organisation until a shadow falls across their tranquil lives - is it redundancy?
Habeas Corpus
It concerns the aging Dr. Arthur Wicksteed and his pursuit of a nubile patient, Felicity Rumpers. Wicksteed's wife, Muriel, is, in turn, lusting after the charming head of the BMA, Sir Percy Shorter, who, as well as being Wicksteed's old rival, turns out to be Felicity's father - the result of an under-the-table liaison during an air-raid with Lady Rumpers, her mother. Felicity herself is pregnant and finds a way to cover it up in the hypochondriac son of Dr. Wicksteed, Denis. Meanwhile, Wicksteed's spinster sister Connie, ashamed of her flat-chestedness, has schemes of her own. The 'chorus' is provided by the lower-class, housekeeper Mrs Swabb.
A series of memoirs with music. Besides purely instrumental passages for the quartet, many of the speeches are under-scored, incorporating some of hymns and music.
Kafka's Dick
Set in the 1980s in a Yorkshire suburban dwelling, Kafka aficionado Sydney and his wife Linda are visited by Franz Kafka and his friend Max Brod who are both long dead. (Kafka had left instructions for all his works to be burned – instructions which Brod chose to ignore). As we spend time with the unusual party, it becomes clear that Kafka's wish was for anonymity – and also that he had serious issues with his father. When his parent turns up, he is in possession of a very personal secret relating to his son – one which Kafka is terrified he will disclose.
Office Suite
Recently retired man at home contemplating his life and achievements with quiet satisfaction when his former secretary arrives to ruin it all.
The play is dealing with the travails of a crumbling stately home and its ageing owner.
Question Of Attribution
The Surveyor of the Queen's Pictures and Soviet agent, Sir Anthony Blunt, discovers a potential fake in the Royal collection. He enters into a discussion about fakes and forgeries with MH the Queen, who makes some cryptic but insightful observations. Stephen Jovanovich.
Soldiering On
Muriel, widow of Ralph who has died suddenly. She Is trying to pick up the pieces and getting to grips with living on her own again, but doesn't understand what son Giles is doing with her husband's money -it's a question of liquidity, he says, but it's all beyond Murlel.
The Habit of Art
The play is centred on on Fitz, Henry, Tim and Donald, who are actors rehearsing a play called Caliban's Day. The director has been called away, so they have a run-through/workshop directed by the stage manager, Kay, in the presence of the playwright, Neil. "Caliban's Day" is about a fictitious meeting in 1973 in Auden's rooms at Oxford, between Auden (Fitz) in his latter years and Britten (Henry). Auden has hired a rent boy, Stuart (Tim) and when Humphrey Carpenter (Donald) - who will write biographies of both Auden and Britten after their deaths - arrives to interview him, Auden mistakes him for Stuart. Britten has been auditioning boys for Death in Venice nearby, and arrives unexpectedly (their first meeting in 25 years after they fell out over the failure of their opera Paul Bunyan). He wants to discuss his misgivings about the paedophilic theme of Death in Venice and the light that may cast on his own life, but Auden assumes Britten wants him to write the libretto.
The Lady In the Van
Tthe story of Miss Mary Shepherd, whom Alan Bennett first came across when she was living in the street near his home in Camden Town. Taking refuge with her van in his garden originally for three months, she ended up staying fifteen years. Funny, touching and unexpectedly spectacular, the Lady in the Van marked the return to the stage of one of our leading playwrights.
The Madness of George III
A biographical study of the latter half of the reign of George III of the United Kingdom, his battle with mental illness and the inability of his court to handle his condition.
The Old Country
All very english as visitors arrive, but in fact man is a spy who has fled and it seems he must now return.
The Wind In the Willows
Classic adventures from the riverside with mole, ratty.
Woman Of No Importance
Office drudge Miss Schofield clearly believes she is as cheering to her fellow workers as her skill with the photocopier is indispensable.

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Alan Bennett

Alan Bennett s-a nascut la data de 9 mai 1934 in Leeds, Marea Britanie.

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