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Badly Drawn
Spectre has taken Saskia. Where and why, she can't be sure. As he recounts his tale of shattered dreams, stolen ideas and cursed cartoons, Saskia begins to realise the lines that he draws run parallel to her own and soon both are on a collision course to meltdown.
Best Served Cold
In this bitter sweet monologue we have all the ingredients of an enthralling menu with a delicious twist for dessert. As food critic Reginald assesses another average meal, something has left a bad taste in his mouth - a taste that triggers memories of a sweet love, a bitter betrayal and a sour revenge.
Bowing Out
There's bitter rivalry amongst a group of faded actors and television stars. This is largely a scripted mystery, but the actors need to improvise responses to audience questions from character briefs.
Cold Front
When Mike whisks Karen away to a remote cottage in the Scottish Highlands, he thinks he's planned the perfect birthday surprise. But things soon sour when the cottage turns out to be nothing more than a rusty tin shack, and the friends Mike has invited are people Karen can't stand. As tensions rise and temperatures plummet, they find themselves entombed in a blizzard, leading to frosty exchanges and those of a more amorous nature.
Erica and Me
To impress his boss, who likes employees to be family men, the single, nerdy Simon hires an escort to pretend to be his girlfriend. Things spiral out of control when three women turn up, all (possibly) the Erica he's expecting...
Mixed Massages
It's a busy day in the relaxation spa, with New Girl Tina struggling to come to terms with her new job. It's all complicated by a number of clients who've arranged liaisons, or mistaken the premises for.. .some quite different establishment. It's steamy and hairy, but funny too.
Once Upon A Witch
Pantomima. Once upon a time, Fairyland is in a financial pickle and has had to downsize its workforce, meaning there can be only one prince, princess, wolf and witch to tell every story. To make matters worse, the Fairyland storybook is missing and all the tales are getting tangled together. In the midst of this muddle, the wicked witch spies an opportunity to magic up a bad ending, but she can't do it alone... Could her spellbinding new apprentice, Aurora, hold the key to her destiny or does the girl have her own wish to fulfill?
Quite a Buzz!
Blue has got herself stuck, but Mr S is not helping her - in fact, he's tied her up. Two more fall victim to Mr S's trap, before we meet his lady-friend and find out what - or who - is really for dinner.
Red Card
Bex, Shaz and Trish, three unattached girls looking for Mr Right, decide to hole themselves up in their appartment in an attempt to escape the ordeal of 'The Festival of Guilt' that is Valentine's Day. But the arrival of an anonymous card leads not to love, but to a war of words and confessions bound to test their friendship...
Tempting Fête!
Cathy is trapped in an idyllic country nightmare. Her husband's gone native and she's been taken hostage by the ladies from the local Cake Club. Forced to run their cake stall, she decides to make her escape, only to find herself thwarted by squashed confections, tangled bunting, rampaging bullocks and irresistible temptation. Contains adult themes.
As brother and sister Andrew and May dig a hole in the local park at midnight, they unearth more than Andrew had bargained for as the truth behind past horrors is revealed.

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Alan Robinson

Alan Robinson s-a nascut la data de in , Marea Britanie.

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