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Butterfly Dandy
A story about the pleasures and challenges of finding the 'new you' in the most unlikely place and of realising that the 'ideal man' might be closer than you think.
Cold Light
An epic story of national significance, Cold Light surveys the transformation of Australia from the post-WWII Menzies era to the mid-1970’s Whitlam government and asks timely questions about Australia’s relationship to women of vision and people of difference.
Covenant is the story of three friends—Rebecca, Truc and Savas—who decide, as a kind of friendship pact, to steal icons or objects from each of their religious houses of worship. Rebecca is an Assyrian Christian, Truc is a Vietnamese Buddhist and Savas is a Turkish Muslim, and they are determined that their parents' edict of 'stick to your own kind' will be neutralised by their common act of bonding. But the thefts produce conflict between the religious communities that they could not have predicted. Will all three retreat to a position which rejects interfaith friendship, or is there something that they can resolve to find their way forward?
A candid, moving and sometimes shocking glimpse into the online world of today’s teen generation. Based on interviews conducted by students, with teachers, parents and their fellow students, Cyberbile is a verbatim-based drama which speaks from and to the hearts of Australia’s young adults.
Dead Man Brake
'The events of the Waterfall train disaster, 31 January 2003 are undeniably tragic, but it takes a gifted playwright to transform tragic events into a theatrical tragedy. While drawing honestly and sensitively upon verbatim sources to construct a full picture of the impact of these events upon a community, Dead Man’s Brake is a compelling, uplifting and profoundly poetic reflection upon the nature of human suffering.
Doing Dawn
The story of five young pilgrims who travel to the Gallipoli Peninsula for the ANZAC day commemorations. Based on interviews with actual travellers and and Turkish soldiers, Doing Dawn is a searing confrontation of the baby boomer, anti-war rhetoric that has dominated recent debates about attendance of increasing numbers of young people to the site.
Eyes Te The Floor
The inmates of The Girls Training School, Parramatta had about as hard an upbringing as you can get in Australia. But theirs is also one of the great untold stories of making good in tough times. Chronicles the experience of girls sent from Parramatta Girls Home to the Hay Girls Home for even more brutal, punitive treatment. Written to be played by young adults, this moving work emphasises the childish vulnerability of the inmates in a world where they must find connection with each other in order to to survive.
Set against the backdrop of one of the most intriguing events in Newcastle’s recent history - the grounding of the Pasha Bulka - this is a coming-of-age tale centred around Farrah, a young Novocastrian with a fascination for Newcastle’s industrial port. Through her obsession we explore universal themes of isolation, belonging and identity and that time in your life when the obsessions of childhood get grounded in reality.
Head Full of Love
The story of the unlikely but inspiring friendship which forms between them. Based on extensive Central Desert mob consultation and support, this is an unsentimental, humorous and deeply moving portrait of the complexity of cross-cultural relationships rewoven, like a beanie, into a simple and humble beauty.
Ladies Day
It’s Ladies Day at the Broome races and the divinely beautiful Mike is the toast of the track. But amongst the froth and festivity, a brutal act of violence reminds us that life is not just all swishy hemlines, debonair gents and fascinators galore.
Letters to Lindy
The court case captivated a nation. A mother accused of murdering her child, her claim – that the baby was taken by a dingo – denied and discredited by zealous police and a flawed legal system. The media circus, the rumours, the nation’s prejudices laid bare. And in the eye of the storm: Lindy Chamberlain-Creighton. Over three decades, from baby Azaria’s death to the final coroner’s report, the public’s fascination with Lindy seldom waned. The National Library holds a collection of more than 20,000 letters to Lindy. From sympathy to abuse, from marriage proposals to death threats, the correspondence traverses the gamut of responses to Lindy’s story.
Lost Illusions
An adaptation of the middle section of Balzac's 19th Century novel 'Illusions perdues', part of La Comédie humaine. An ambitious young poet, Lucien, travels to Paris to realise his ambitions as a writer but comes to grief in love, life and his art. It a cautionary tale - a dark parable about the snakes and ladders of life, a set of choices which all of us, especially young artists, are sure to confront on the road ahead.
Love Potions
Three couples negotiate their way into intimacy, aided by tea, wine and chocolate.
MP. is a timely and provocative look at the experience of female politicians working as elected representatives in our parliaments. Ava Turner, MP., hires a new assistant called Nadia just in time. On the same morning two of Ava’s constituents walk into her office with a harrowing tale of incompetence, neglect and tragedy involving their paraplegic, brain-injured daughter. As Ava swings into action to gain the couple justice, Nerida learns fast about how the parliamentary process works and quickly comes into conflict with Ava’s strategies for success. Dodging the media and the public service, the ire of her own party and the impatience of her constituents, Ava crosses the floor of Parliament in an act of desperate defiance. But just when it seems like all her good intentions have come to nothing, Ava reveals that she was more in control than anyone realised.
Multiple Choice
The narrative is of a 17-year-old girl called Gillian Todd. The play traces Gillian's growing awareness of a problem in her ability to control her alcohol consumption. Using music, mime, puppetry and mask work the play dramatises the experience of adolescence through a street-wise, witty, and sympathetic protagonist.
Parramatta Girls
The inmates of The Girls Training School, Parramatta had about as hard an upbringing as you can get in Australia. But theirs is also one of the great untold stories of making good in tough times. Based on the testimony of dozens of GTS old-girls, this vibrant new play is a joyous and harrowing dramatisation of the experiences of eight inmates and their reunion forty years later. Interspersed with song and storytelling, this is a tribute to mischief and humour in the face of hardship and inequality.
Ratticus & Reidar
Come and meet the residents who lived alongside the soldiers and convicts in the Hyde Park Barracks - the rats! Ratticus is the most cunning rat in the pack and when Reidar, a Norwegian brown rat arrives fresh off the prison hulk, it's Ratticus who shows him how to survive by nibbling at the convicts toes. An action packed, rat's eye view of the Barracks that's packed full of songs, dance and laughs for all ages. You'll be amazed by how much those wily rats can tell us about life in the early settlement.
Redfern Heights
A sound poem about life in the notorious inner city suburb of Redfern. Narrated by a resident of the troubled neighbourhood, Redfern Heights tells the story of Odile Merton, whose bag is snatched by Scott Gethsemani, and of Margaret Dobbie who is struck by a hit and run driver. Bringing them together and trying to solve both crimes is Constable Inkster of the local police. Redfern Heights is a moving, musical and eerily prescient insight into the realities of poverty and neglect that many inner-city Australians still face every day.
Run Rabbit Run
Based on extensive interviews with both the public faces of the campaign and the grassroots supporters, this is a story of passion and politics that goes beyond football. When the National Rugby League thought they could jettison the Rabbitohs to streamline their competition they were in for a shock. South Sydney, a proud club that had won more premierships than any other, refused to lie down.
Savage Grace
During his residency at an Australian hospital, Dr Tex Cladakis, an American HIV specialist, meets bioethics professor Robert Bavaro. They clash over ethical issues, but despite or perhaps because of this, a passionate sexual affair develops between them. As Cladakis considers assisting the suicide of one of his terminally ill patients, the moral ground shifts and the stakes escalate, threatening their personal beliefs and the trust and love that is growing between them.
Shafana and Aunt Sarrinah
What do you do when you profoundly disagree with someone you love? Wearing a hijab is a touchstone of religious identity, but it is also imbued with a complex array of historical and contemporary meanings. In Alana Valentine’s new play, the cultural meaning of the hijab has become a wedge between generations.
Student Body
Kai Chai is a student who has come to Australia for a university education. So have Fon and Aditya and Song Yi. All of them are seeking an encounter with the freedoms and opportunities provided by a Western democracy - sexual freedom, political freedom and personal self-determination.
Tales of Galileo
Conversations between Galileo Galilei and Charles Darwin, Isaac Newton and Caroline Herschel about astronomy and the politics of science that challenges religious orthodoxies. The visionary Italian physicist, mathematician, astronomer and philosopher Galileo speaks disbelievingly with renowned English naturalist Darwin about his theory of natural selection. He inspires Isaac Newton to discover the laws of motion and is finally persuaded by Caroline Hershel, the first English woman to officially make her living as an astronomer, that women can also be remarkable, perceptive and highly accurate chroniclers of the magnificent heavens.
The Conjurers
Two magicians are touring their show along the Great Ocean Road of south-western Victoria when Gala, the young assistant, conjurers out of the sea the ghost of a tormented Sea Captain. A hauntingly evocative play about the debilitating confusion of late teenage-hood, the struggle to find hope and optimism from a place of despair, and the temptations of dwelling on the griefs of the past. It is an eerie magic realist ghost story but it is also a witty, intriguing and heart-warming buddy story of inter-generational friendship and working relationship.
The Mapmaker's Brother
Matthew Flinders and his brother Samuel are preparing to journey to the new British colony of New South Wales aboard "The Investigator". During their travels, Samuel makes a nuisance of himself by tearing Matthew's charts and not knowing what a sextant is. But, one stormy night, Samuel saves Matthew's life, and the relationship of the brothers is changed forever.
The Modest Aussie Cozzie
Based loosely on a biography of Aheda Zanetti who invented the Muslim swimsuit the ‘burkini swimsuit’. The play travels with Aheda through inspiration to fledgling production and gives a poignant insight into this little understood garment. The play interrogates the way the burkini swimsuit has become a symbolic flashpoint for the clash of religious freedom and secular democracy. When the burkini swimsuit is banned in France and Italy the play charts the torment and personal cost of misunderstanding and prejudice. A deeply affecting work the play is essentially about the struggle for identity, and the genius of creative ingenuity.
The Prospectors
It is July 1854 and gold has been discovered in Australia. Two miners, one fresh from the California gold fields and the other a "new chum" from Sydney, board the Julia Ann and sail for Melbourne to seek their fortunes on the Ballarat gold fields. The play tells the story of friendship which develops between the two men -- from their experiences aboard ship to life on the gold fields helping each other dodge the license hunters. Frank, the Australian, becomes increasingly interested in the agitations of the Ballarat Reform League and, despite Stan's urgings, becomes caught up in the Eureka Stockade. A new take on the well-known story of the gold fields, this play dramatizes the choices of new friends caught in desperate times. As an education tool the play brings alive the language of the gold fields and dramatizes Australia's first cry for a republic.
The Sex Act
Two university law students, Marlowe and Neil, decide to turn one of their degree assignments into a play about the passing of the 1984 Sex Discrimination Act. They recruit another student, Olga, who is intensely hostile towards feminists and sees the whole thing as a wonderful way to send up the generation she calls ‘gender terrorists’. As the assignment progresses, their own personal flaws, feelings, contradictions and problems in regard to their personal relationships are revealed, and their understanding and estimation of the achievements of the legislation changes. But for Olga, who keeps being visited by a pesky Germaine Greer in her dreams, the process reveals unpleasant truths about herself and her lover and propels her toward a change that is both irrevocable and life changing.
The Tree Widows
The brief for the play of The Tree Widows was to tell the story of this living memorial avenue of trees, up on the Hobart Queens Domain. A contemporary theatre maker conducted interviews with numerous members of the Soldier’s Memorial Walk community and compiled them into a series of monologues that tell the soldiers stories and find parallels, resonance and profound emotional connection with the contemporary families. In this way the stories dramatize the experience of memorial, memory and family history as it relates to this magnificent avenue of trees and, cumulatively, provide a profound insight into the ongoing effect of war on a small community.
Titania's Boy
Fifteen year old Pradepan Saraf is living in a regional Australian town when his parents' marriage breaks up. In distress, Pradepan retreats into a fantasy world peopled by Oberon and Titania, the King and Queen of the Fairies, who are themselves fighting over an Indian changeling child. Pradepan's growing withdrawal from his school life attracts the interest of his Science teacher, Victor Bellette, who reaches out to help. But Bellette must get through to Pradepan's emotionally traumatized mother and fight the ghosts of his own tragic past if he wants to help the unstable teenager.
A chronicle of both the physical and psychological devastation of flood in the Northern Territory town of Katherine on January 26, 1998. Based on written and oral testimony from flood survivors, the play evokes the power and torment of flood damage in a small town - the tensions and grief, the friendships and kindnesses, the fears and losses.

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