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Badjelly The Witch
A lively adaptation of Spike Milligan's popular children's story. Tim and Rose go off in search of their cow Lucy who has been stolen by the wicked Badjelly and her giant servant Dulboot. On the way they meet many characters including Binklebonk, the tree goblin, Silly Sausage, a barking grasshopper, Mudwiggle the super strong worm and the very polite Dinglemouse who was once a banana!
The Mackintosh Tandem : The Rose and the Raven
The story begins in a Chelsea studio. Margaret Macdonald, artist, is faced with the challenge of disposing of her husband’s ashes. Toshie, known as Charles Rennie Mackintosh, architect/artist, has recently died of cancer. It is her dearest wish to scatter his ashes on the waters of Port Vendres, the place he was happiest. Such is her grief, she finds this an almost impossible task. By recalling their early fraught, but exciting courtship, and their notoriety in Glasgow as ‘The Spook School’, she summons up enough courage to at least set out for France.
The Ordinary Princess
A racy adaptation of the children's story by M.M.Kaye. Set in Phantasmorania, Princess Amethyst is given the gift of ordinariness by Crustacea, Head Fairy of all the waters. As no prince wants to marry an ordinary princess, her parents get desperate. But Amy finds all her suitors extremely boring until she meets Peregrine!

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Alannah O`Sullivan

Alannah O`Sullivan s-a nascut la data de in , Noua Zeelandă.

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