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Hamlet în sos picant (AMLETO IN SALSA PICCANTE)
„O tragedie shakespeariană văzută... din bucătărie, prin ochii servitorilor și ai bucătarilor. Cu Hamlet în sos picant al lui Aldo Nicolaj, bine-cunoscuta poveste despre răzbunare și dreptate capătă valențe noi, o încărcătură mai degrabă comică decât tragică. Personajele noi introduse de dramaturgul italian, transformă dictonul „a fi sau a nu fi" în „a mânca sau a nu mânca", făcând din gătit arta supremă.
Armonia in nero
Three single acts with two characters linked only by the same humour.
Avventura di cronica
A little girl coming from the province escapes in the city looking for a different life, but she will be so disappointed that she will decide to go back home completely changed form this experience.
Carini e nevrotici
Two men who do not know each other they meet in an isolated country house and they try in any way to discover their real identity.
Ciao Albero
In a bourgeois small family of the years twenty, an adolescent sees his dreams vanishing, and he understands of having to face the problems of the life, that is not always as rosy as he believed.
Classe Di Ferro
Two old men, neglected from their families met each other and become friends. When one of them should have to be locked in a hostel, they decide to escape, but something will prevent their dream to come true.
Esperimento Collettivo
A group of actors start to improvise in order to create a drama inspired to the Borgia and to the Duke Valentino. But during the rehearsal they start arguing and instead of the story of the Borgia they end-up telling the story of the Kennedy.
Two divorced women in order to get away from the bleakness of their life, they decide to organise a big cocktail, to put them back around. But nobody joins in to the party and the only one to have an adventure is a gay friend that they had invited.
Fluturi... fluturi (Farfalla... farfalla)
Eda este fragilă și nefericită, foarte singură. O femeie pentru care cochetăria și încrederea în sine, în ciuda urmelor lăsate de trecerea anilor, devin armele unei seducții la limita ridicolului, care și-a inventat o lume proprie, amintiri care nu există dar în care crede cu tărie. Este o femeie față în față cu plictisul și propria bătrânețe care descoperă că un suflet nu se poate cumpăra și că egoismul este tot ce rămâne când viața nu îți oferă nimic din frumusețea, succesul și gloria la care ai visat.
Furnici (FORMICHE)
In the outskirts, in the post-war period, a group of young people spend the day of August holidays between disappointments, hopes and loves. An unsuccessful suicide will lead a young couple to meet and to dream together.
Lumea apelor (Il mondo d'acqua)
The protagonist dreams an open-air life in contact with the nature, but the family put him to work in a ministry. He only cheers up with an aquarium that grows with his disappointments. The day in which he finally hopes to escape, something prevent him to go. Suddenly he disappears, but in the aquarium a new fish arrives that looks exactly like him.
Il passo della pantera
In order to please her friend, a boy disguise of woman and her husband coming suddenly back home fall in love with him. About the same story happens also to his roommate with several incidents that show the difficulty to find its own sexual identity.
Il pendulo
An old couple relive a bleak and boring married life. But when they start to feel stranger, something will happen that will make them to feel necessary one to each other.
Il segno della bilancia
A man questioning his balance, worried for his overweight, starts to do a disastrous budget of all his life.
Il soldato Piccio'
At the beginning of the twentieth century a soldier, taken for a ride from everybody for his ingenuousness and his candour, in order to defend a girl he kills an officer. Before being shot to death he dismisses himself from the girl saying that the death will release him from a life of duties and discipline too different from the one of its mountains.
Interno con cadavere
A man observing what happens in his house after his death, he understands that nobody in this world is indispensable.
L' Agave
Daydreaming of a love of his youth, a man decides to start to look for this woman that he has loved a lot. During the travel he has a bleak affair with a woman and the following morning he will realise that he spent the night with the woman he has loved.
L'onda verde
La barba del mais
In an imaginary South American republic a general in order to take the power uses a young cadet, that at the end he discovers that he has not risked his life for the freedom, but for giving to the country a dictatorship.
La borsa e la vita
Exchanging their partners, a couple of manufacturers teach to a proletarian couple how to play in the Stock Exchange market and to become rich. At the end the two original couples go back together, like at the beginning and...
LA Cipolla
A theatre director before committing suicide wants to come off from the passions that have thrown his life into confusion. But an unexpected change of his family history makes him to renounce to commit suicide for the curiosity to see what will happen.
La prova generale
A small-bourgeois family organises a kidnapping that fails but it represents the final test of what they will do in the future.
La signora e il funzionario
A civil servant finds in its office a mysterious lady who announces him an imminent revolution. After scenes of threat and fear, the lady will confess him that in order to overcome her loneliness she amuses herself to scare the civil servants.
Sezonul caiselor (La stagione delle albicocche)
In a small square of a village, the owner of the café, in love with a doctor, is jealous of a sick lady that he is taking care of. The husband of the sick lady keeps announcing calmly from his balcony the phases of her agony. But when she will died he will understand how much he has loved her and that he cannot leave without her.
La stanta per l'hobby
A young couple does not want to let other people know that a child was born from their love. But, in spite of their efforts and sacrifices, they are forced to accept the reality.
Mai stata sul camello ?
A ninety-year-old lady tyrannises her sixty-year-old daughter who tries to go on her own, but does not succeed, remaining a victim of her mother.
Modiste del"43
Two women, during the nazi occupation, hide a Jew girl. When an official comes to take her away, they decide to kill him.
Negru ca un canar (Nero come un canario)
In a futuristic country a superintendent inquires into a woman suspected to have poisoned three husbands. During the investigation he falls in love with her and rather than put her to prison, he prefers to marry her making himself as candidate for the next murder.
Non Era La Quinta Era La Nona
A young man meets a fascinating lady that destroys his car and sends him to the hospital first and then to prison. When he finally go back home, he finds her in his bed and she makes him to promise that he will kill her husband. But when the two men meet together they take a link to each other and will not be the husband to make an ugly end.
Per un po'di tenerezza
Two old people fall in love with each other and they would like to get married, but the gossip of the other old colleagues first, and than the reaction of their sons, prevent their union. At the end, they will manage to run away together, like two kids.
Poco piu' poco meno
A woman lost her identity, and she tries to reconstruct her life, but her fantasy is stronger than her memory.
Requiem per Radames
Two important leading ladies have shared a tenor mysteriously disappeared. When they will understand what has happened, they will decide to commemorate him.
Ricci di mare
An Industrial man and his family invade one quite island, throwing into confusion its life. After scandals and adventures they have to renounce to develop in the island a tourism resource and they decide to leave.
Scomparsa di un Cherubino
Three women report the disappearance of a man, that is his son, his husband and his father. We will discover that of this disappearance they know much more than what they pretend.
A young actress becomes victim of the rebellion of the objects around her and from which she does not have the possibility to defend.
A writer writing the sentimental story of a servant mixes the events invented from his fantasy with the facts that happen in his family. A lyric end will close the story of the servant, while it remains opened the one of the family.
The Mula
In the immediate post-war period in a popular house where the misery reigns, an intellectual tries to politicise several families. But when she realises that she will not be able to leave that milieu because the industrial man that she was dreaming to marry changed his mind, she decide to hang herself.
Una famiglia molto unita
The story of a picnic of a family on the bank of the river.

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Aldo Nicolaj

Aldo Nicolaj s-a nascut la data de 15 martie 1920 in Fossano, Italia.

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