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1313 Hell Street
Lou visits an old girlfriend at her apartment block. Whilst waiting for her a murder occurs. there are many suspects: a Vaudeville troupe called the "Four Horsemen" whose act recreates scenes from World War One; a prostitute who has an imaginary affair with Albert Einstein and a man who has fallen in love with a plastic doll.
A Bra Full of Strawberries
Alan and Estelle are in Paris on a pre-wedding holiday. they have Estelle's sixteen year old son, Peter, with them. One evening Peter returns with an antique clock and a woman he says is his wife. She is not, she is the wife of an antique dealer who comes looking for her and is none too happy when he finds her bra in the clock.
Artaud Le Momo
The relationships of a patient in an institution with his doctor and nurse.
The story of Gandhi from his return to India to his death.
Bullets Are A Girl's Best Friend
Jim is to attend the funeral of his best friend - but goes to the wrong one where he is mistaken for a member of the Mafia and responsible for the death of the man whose funeral it is.
Dracula 69
The mad Van Helsing wants to become immortal and needs some of Dracula's blood for the formulae.
Every Bridge Has A Splash
A man and woman meet on a bridge notorious for its suicides.
Final Ordeal of Johnny Bismark
Dorajean goes to a nightclub with Captain Johnny Bismark but he is not what he appears to be.
In the Land Of the Peacock
Foreign student Manuel studies hard. He would rather carry on studying than go on a blind date his room mate has arranged.
Inspector Vaili and the Bird of Paradise Caper
The most brilliant of the New York City Police Department detectives is on trial for murder.
Let Me In - I Got My Own Straight Jacket
Even though he has umpteen references to say he is mad and his own strait jacket, Waldo is having difficulty getting into the asylum.
Murder By the Rules
Edgar Allan Poe and actor Julius Brutus Booth have agreed to meet on the equinox and talk about what whatever has happened to them during the year and Poe will then turn it into a story. When they meet Booth is convinced Poe has gone insane.
Phallic Phobia
Playwright Verne wakes up one morning with women's lingerie strewn around his bedroom and a marriage licence in his hand. He has no memory of what happened and where is the wife?
Plagueship Nine Days Out Of Barbados
The mayor wakes up having had a vivid dream. In his dream a ship called the St Exupery docks and it has plague on board. His second in command arrives to say that there is indeed a ship called the St Exupery is wanting to dock. then the mayor hears that a killer has escaped from prison and is out to kill him.
Running 'Gainst the Rain
A man gets off a bus in a small North Carolina town and goes into a diner called the Captain's Place. He learns that the original owner is dead and his wife has remarried having first been forced by her new husband to give up her son for adoption.
S'agapo or Oo La La Nana
A musical duo were the toast of a famous New York restaurant until a quarrel and they split up.
Singapore Sling
Christmas Eve and two people meet on a flight from Singapore to Los Angeles
The Trail of the Sphinx
Oedipus flees from Galveston, Texas to avoid his fate.
The Assassin
A hired assassin waits in a hotel room for the President who will be his target. Somehow things change and he finds himself back in the American Civil War and he has become John Wilkes Booth.
The Assessor
Whilst waiting for an assignment a man has an assessor turn up to evaluate him.
The Geezer and the Girl
An aging prostitute and a tramp share some wine and cheese on a cold Christmas Eve.
The Man in the Pinstripe Suit
A man steals a fortune and then impersonates a British nobleman all to get the woman.
The Night of Benny Jackson
Benny goes to see his priest but finds the cleaning woman at church.
The Return of Nick George
Everyone thought that Nick George the Hollywood actor had committed suicide after a major scandal. But he did not and he is back making a new film and out for revenge.
The World's Second Greatest Lover
The silver screen's "greatest lover" collapses and is unable to complete his latest film. He suggests that the film company get his brother to finish the film. they locate the brother who turns out to be an ugly hunchback about to become a priest.
Train to Bengali
Inspector Vasili investigates the disappearance of the parents of Michelle LaRue. But is she actually responsible? Or her bisexual boyfriend?

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