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Kate, is a young woman who has recently lost her baby son to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. In the play she tries to reconcile herself to both his death and her mother's disappearance from her life when she was a little girl. Bittersweet, the play focuses on Kate's desire to move on in her life while never forgetting her son's short but remarkable life.
Housekeeping & Homewrecking
Three interwoven story lines that explore the lives of 7 characters in their mid thirties navigating relationships, falling in love, staying in love and breaking up.
On This Day
The road to happiness is bumpy, full of tricky twists and unexpected turns. One random event can change everything. A celebration in the country becomes a day of soul searching for two couples and a mysterious young woman as they examine their relationships with each other and themselves. Two couples. A girl. Fresh Air. Eat Local. Compost. Surely Happiness?

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Alexandria Haber

Alexandria Haber s-a nascut la data de in , Canada.

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