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Boys At The Beach
A holiday for the boys turns into a lifetime bond when they buy a section at the beach. Spanning 23 years we see the blokes (and later their families) drink, sing, play cricket and hang around the barbie.
Flagons and Foxtrots
The setting for the Jenkins family story, and a lot more, is a hall 5kms out of town in 1965. A glimpse of life before pubs, techno and dance raves. A romantic comedy.
Girls Weekend Escape
Girls Weekend Escape is a light hearted romp on the joys of weekends away with the girls - and also in this case with the boys. Also requires 2 musicians and a stagemanager/actor for extra parts.
Ladies for Hire
These women have sung it all. Christenings, weddings, funerals, they've seen them all come and go - the good, the bad and the downright ugly. But then a new priest is introduced to the parish. Good looking, but a priest and therefore off limits. He wants a new choir, he wants something to impress the Bishop and these gals aren't it.
Mum's Choir
The story of laughter, singing and tears. The irrepressible family of a deceased matriarch reunite and discover they have less than three days to deliver the musical send off Mum would have wanted.
A popular comedy about an eclectic group of women who play for the Red Hot Mamas' Social Club Netball Team. Another loss on court is followed by a club room brawl when a feud between team players gets out of hand. and a major upset as players quit and join the rival Red Hot Mamas' A team. The end of the season's match between the two teams is about to heat up, with spiked Cointreau oranges, a pregnant player and the revelation that one of the woman players is actually a man.
Shop Till You Drop
Lizzie and Noeline from Palmy arrive in Melbourne for retail therapy only to find themselves sharing an apartment with a couple of hometown boys, Boxer and Swanee, over for the Bledisloe Cup.
Connie tries to get away from it all to spend her fiftieth birthday alone. Her two sisters have other ideas and turn up to try and help her through her grief for her son and her failing marriage. The appearance of Connie's husband and daughter and two pig hunters adds to the mix.
The Big OE
London 1974 - Kiwis Stuey and Trace join Tronk's Tiki Tours (7 countries in 10 days) for a bit of a European fun before heading home to matrimonial bliss. But as the clapped out Kombi crams in other travellers en route, 'fun' turns to ferment.
The School Ball
A celebration of the comedy and tragedy of your typical 80s New Zealand school ball, as Chantelle, Rochelle and Tiffany pair up and encounter sex, stroppy hairdressers, nits and the boy school's rector and his wife.

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Alison Quigan

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