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Ascot Eve
It is the eve of the famous Royal Ascot race meeting. Lord and Lady Lavender have invited their friends, family and associates to their traditional Ascot eve dinner at the Manor. Trotsky, Lord Lavender's famous horse, is favourite. Shorty Leggup, Lord Lavender's senior jockey, is to ride Trotsky. Someone murders Trotsky and Shorty. Everyone has motive and opportunity for the murder.
Clownsville High
Set in the context of a high school class, with the actors dressed as clowns, this play deals with the question of drugs (both legal and illegal) and the usage of them by society. It looks at the pressures placed on young people to smoke, drink, pop pills etc., and at the glossy images that advertisers cynically promote in order to persuade people to use their products.
Green On Everything
A group of school students are on a school excursion to Mars in the year 2091, and while they are there nuclear war breaks out on Earth. The students are thrown into a situation where the concept of leadership is of paramount importance. The script also explores the concepts of responsibility, co-operation, as well as being a jumping off point for discussion of topics such as global politics, nuclear issues, space etc.
Tears of Blood
A parody of a Victorian melodrama. The action takes place in the home of Lord and Lady Marmaduke. Belle, the milk girl, is brought home by Algernon, the second-oldest son. He plans to marry her. Lady Marmaduke plots with the villain, Sir Darkly Threatening, to murder a family member and cast the blame upon Belle. Belle and the heroic Algernon struggle against Lady and Sir Darkly to clear their names.

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