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After Kafka
Drawing on text, physical score and audiovisual material, After Kafka weaves together the dreams and hopes of the writer Kafka and his characters into choreographic theatre.
A murderer, an artist, a failed business woman, a stud, a philosopher and a psychoanalyst find themselves in a surreal world with no recollection of who they are or how they got there. Amnesia explores a world where memory can no longer be taken for granted.
August Moon
August Moon loses her mother one day. The event would not normally carry great significance but August’s mother isn’t any old mother. She is a famous mother, a Member of Parliament who has been awarded an Order of Merit from the Prime Minister for her services to the community. And when a mother of great significance goes missing, It is imperative that she be found. The play considers how great mothers and great daughters might also be great human beings.
Before the Birds
Aiden is invited back to his home town in Palmerston North to run a ‘Branding Strategy’ for the City Council. His plans go awry, however when he meets a ghost who died in a fire in Himitangi in the 1920s. An unlikely love affair ensues between Aiden and the ghost which causes havoc, not just for the City’s branding plans, but for his personal relationships.
Breaking News
Joeline Mitchell is becoming a famous newsreader. She has been nominated Newsreader of the Year and everyone knows that she will win. However, on the day of the award ceremony, something weird happens to her. She is reading the news and instead of simply reading the story of a genocide somewhere in the Middle East, she finds herself entering the story. She walks into a strange, devastating and haunting universe and an experience that will change her life.
The story is set in a fictionalized territory in the third world in which some kind of genocide is taking place. The central character is an international prize-winning news reporter called Hannah from New Zealand who is following the story of a Catholic nun caught up in a genocide. She feels she is developing a genuine relationship with the nun and it is this genuineness that is the hallmark of her journalism. She gets 'up front' and 'in the face' of her subjects and this nun is no exception. However, Hannah is also a driven, risky, racy woman who is addicted to sex and often gets caught up in sexual encounters with dubious characters.
Aren’t we all imposters, changing our shapes to suit what others want, never really being sure of who we are? A young female is delivered to a community one day. She identifies as Esther, a young girl who went missing three years previously. Inspired by a true story, the play explores the significance of the stranger in times of rapidly shifting populations.
Inspired by writing about neuropasticity, Falling follows a woman who is plagued not just by the feeling of falling but by the act of falling.
Follow, Follow, Follow
Set in some kind of shelter a few decades into the future, a group of young adults have been there as long as they can remember. No one can recall the precise day or how it happened, but as very young children they were placed there to keep them protected from what was going on outside.
Forever And Ever
On the eve of her wedding Lisa 1 and her alter egos Lisa 2 and Lisa 3 face the dilemma of marrying Barry or accepting a place at Drama School.
Goodbye April
A mum invents a beautiful apartment. Then she invents her two children (a boy and a girl) to fill it. The children ask for a dad, but mum says there is no dad. However, dad appears and tries to inveigle the family to accept him. He keeps being rejected, until the time when he appears with memories. The children are so enchanted by the memories that they want only the dad. They tell mum that she is not the mum and she is forced to leave. Without mum it is hard to quite know what to do.
A short play that explores the precariousness of reality in the unfolding of a relationship. About the tricks of memory and forgetting.
Jed on the Bed
Jed on te Bed is a short and very playful play about reality. Two very different women share an apartment. Jill writes on her computer and Jess plans to go out and meet her boyfriend. But very soon, Jill’s writing begins to influence the events of the play. Unwittingly, Jess becomes the victim of Jill’s imagination as she types on her computer. Soon, the stakes of the narrative are raised and both women become caught up in the murder of Jed.
Last Breath
This short play was inspired by the true story of a New York resuscitator who saw hundreds of patients undergo ‘near death’ experiences. The whole play is set in the city hospital as the doctor does her ward rounds accompanied by a small group of junior doctors. As the play unfolds, we realise that the doctor is having her own ‘near death’ experience revisiting key moments of her life and watching the junior doctors morph into characters from her past. When the end finally comes it is full of radiant life and no less than she expected.
Would World War II French Resistance fighter Nancy Wake be a heroine if she had been a young woman in these times? Are heroines shaped by circumstance, or are they born with heroic genes? Is it possible to be a heroine in times of peace?
an experimental physical theatre play about a couple who compress a lifetime of marital living into an absurdly short timeframe. It is a commentary on love and forgetting and breaks new ground with its use of theatrical effects, physicality and compressed dialogue.
This short piece of physical theatre is about a couple's last moments before the separation of death. A woman begins by dying and ends by being born and in this backward journey, stories from the couple's lives are unveiled and truths revealed. This is a poetic and highly theatrical work about the existential aspects of relationships.
Nearly There
Nearly There fuses dance with theatre and uses choreographed movement and language to create a unique composition. The narrative features a love story set in an autocratic universe. Time is a rare commodity and its availability is always slightly out of reach.
New Zealand Lamb
Grace Price's wedding coincides with the 1993 suffrage celebrations. The roads are clogged with parades. Mum can't fit into her corsets and Dad goes missing. A comic fantasy about a butchering family. Suitable for teenage performers. Has been performed with as few as three actors. Can be expanded to add a crowd.
Night Cleaners
Six women who work as night cleaners for Clayton’s Office Cleaners are joined by Clayton’s company bus driver Warren. They re-enact an extraordinary night out cleaning when all their fortunes start to change for the better.
A surreal farce about the violence of the heart. With a theme of infidelity, this experimental work for physical theatre plays backwards in short replays, and explores dynamics of time past, present and future.
Melanie is a thirteen year old footballer whose talents have gone unnoticed. On the day of the big final, Mum insists Melanie look after baby Skylark.
Speed Of Light
Three young runners prepare for secondary school nationals. All are devastated after the loss of their coach. On the big day one of them goes missing. Addresses issue of teen suicide.
Tango Partner
This play is a poetic reflection on the dynamics of long-term relationship. The tango partner represents the life that the couple never lived.
The Beauty Business
In Part I Nicky is on the verge of business sucess with some shady characters. Will her father’s offer of a new life in NZ be enough to lure her and boyfriend Pete away from London? In Part 2 life for Nicky and Pete in NZ doesn’t get any easier. Nicky needs to find herself, but to do that she must escape...
The Blue Balloon
A witty ten minute play about the appearance of a mysterious blue balloon over a city.
The Body
Two women find a body in an apartment. We learn that the corpse is the ex-lover of libby, the protagonist and they decide to get rid of the body lest they are suspected of murder. Attempts to dispose of the corpse are fraught and things reach a head when the security guard arrives. During all the confusion, the corpse is suddenly resurrected. We learn that ‘the body’ had been inside a computer game all along. The events of the play switch from real to virtual with tragic consequences for Libby who suddenly finds that she is the only real person in the room.
The Bowler Hat
This experimental theatre work explores the psychological make-up of the surreal painter, Renee Magritte. It fuses the genres of murder mystery and dream play. The artist himself plays the detective who investigates his own metaphorical murder and ends up entering his own coffin.
The Last Day
About the last day in the universe: it is an ironic piece that contrasts the epic event of the last day with the prosaic preoccupation of those who have entered it. It is an existential piece.
The Perfect Life
A 10-minute satire about time, its shortage, its illusiveness, and the impossibility of keeping it in control. This experimental theatre work uses stylised physicality, a highly rhythmic language, and choric commentary to tell the story of a man's 'perfect life' from cradle to grave.
The Politician's Wife
A woman of great privilege becomes caught up in the refugee crisis. Torn between her loyalties to her conservative husband and her desire to help displaced people on an offshore island, she finds herself unwittingly at the centre of a national scandal. Now she must take a stance, and the consequences could throw her life, and various others', into turmoil.
The Real Thing
Two detectives try to reconstruct the events that led to a murder during an anti-fracking demonstration. Suddenly, there is the ringing sound of an old-fashioned phone that appears to be coming form the corpse. The call is for a Mrs. McClaverty who happens to be sitting in the audience. When she enters the stage to answer the phone, she has no idea that she herself will become embroiled in the murder mystery. The consequences will be devastating.
The River
A large-scale theatre play requiring a strongly physical playing style. It has multiple narratives that are designed to flow and interconnect like tributaries. These narratives allow the audience to see the river from different perspectives. Although The River is about the Manawatu River in the North Island of New Zealand, it concerns all rivers that have been subject to pollution and the effects of intensive farming. It can be adapted to suit most locations where there are concerns about river ecology. It is about the people, past and present, who have lived off the river’s bounty and died in its arms.
The Tui Bird
The romantic adventures of Ethel Earnest. Will Ethel marry the villainous Lord Pratforth or will the heroic George Sweetly manage to save her in time and restore her to her fine family fortune?
The Wall
A symbolist or absurdist play about 3 characters who build a wall between them as a metaphor for what has happened with human civilization. The character who has been behind the wall insists on pulling the wall down once they’ve all started speaking different languages, etc. The wall comes down and they must now learn to reintegrate. But it’s only a game, right?

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Angie Farrow

Angie Farrow s-a nascut la data de 1951 in , Noua Zeelandă.

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