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An exploration into the painful process of reconciliation between a homophobic father and his gay son. When Richard's lover dies, Arthur, the retired butcher, invades his photographer son's emotional darkroom, hoping to provide some measure of comfort. He is aided in his quest by Daniel, Richard's amiable friend and boss, his deceased wife Magenta and Merlin, the large black cat he brings with him.
Love taps
A darkly humorous look at the intensity of the bonds formed between an AFL coach and his best players. Star full-forward Jesse Cosgrave deals his coach and two best mates one hell of a love tap: he's coming out as a gay role model on 60 minutes. But a few more love taps will be dealt on this drunken boys' night out in an inner city bar that no one saw coming - Gavin doesn't know this is to be his last season, macho Mitch will be forced to question his own sexuality, and coach Nigel is maybe a tad too fond of his "boys". Hence Wanda, the feisty bartender who takes no prisoners, bears witness to some very secret men's business.
Random Acts
Toby is brutally murdered crossing the park - one more random act in a Godless universe or a severe test of faith? Grappling with the big questions are his grieving lover Felix, a blind food critic, and his friend Father Pryor, who has given up on God. Into their orbit comes Guido, who mesmerises his blind employer with exotic tales, taunts the priest with promises of confession, and attempts to seduce Augusta, Felix's lonely sister. But behind the facade is a dangerously disturbed young man.
A group of women who met on a cruise five years ago have been reuniting every six months at their favourite watering hole, but this time is different: the place has had a makeover, their favourite waiter has left and ditzy Rose has dragged along a mysterious newcomer, much to the disgust of Winnie, the group's self-appointed leader. When the mood turns ugly after a few drinks, a young Greek waiter is subjected to sexual harassment and Jerri, the new girl, becomes the butt of Winnie's hostility as the fur well and truly starts to fly. Jerri retaliates by forcing the women to face some unpalatable truths, ensuring this will be the last reunion they ever have. But with Jerri and Winnie the last ones standing, they surprise themselves and each other by finding grounds for a real friendship, warts and all.
Seeing The Elephant
Come on a journey with Professor Herbert Baxter, renowned environmentalist, zapped into the future to 2085. Since the great Mobile Phone Plague, a new order has evolved, presided over by philosopher king Doctor Dom, aided by a charismatic robot named Orson – an environmental paradise where animals are revered, but human justice is swift and merciless.
The Last Time I Saw Calvin
Ray and Peter, long-time lovers, host a posthumous 40th birthday party for Calvin, who recently died from AIDS. Over the course of one emotional and alcohol-fuelled evening six of his closest friends joke, bicker and bitch, as the play develops into an exploration of grief and the different ways in which people cope with it.

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