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Pit meets up with his daughter, Jenny. Now, years too late, he wants to make up for his sins of omission, and be there at last for Jenny and her brother Marco. But Marco has disappeared – while Jenny’s response is dismissive and stressed out in equal measure. Marco has been hanging about opposite Julian and Silvie’s house, for days now. Julian has a relationship with him, and Silvie knows about it. Julian pays Marco, but thinks of it as love, even when Marco trashes his office and beats him up. Politics infiltrates itself insidiously into these private entanglements. (Rowohlt Theaterverlag)
February 1989. Marie and Marc want to flee over the border to the West under cover of night – an attempt that fails because they get into an argument just as they are about to set off. Marie realises that her view of the future differs significantly from Marc's. She runs blindly into the forest to think things over and disappears for days on end. Marc goes ahead with the escape plan alone and is shot. Eight years later. Just after the Berlin Wall came down, Marie left home without a word and never returned again. She moved aimlessly from place to place, tried her hand at various jobs and lives today in a disused railway station. Her parents never left their home town, from where they have followed the upheavals of recent years. Marie's father finds the new world so alien that he prefers to seek traces of the old world in his collection of stones. The mine where he used to be employed has been flooded – but maybe 'the ground needs to recover from all the people,' as he says. Ingrid, Marie's mother, has a strong desire for action, but does not exactly know where to begin. She rummages in piles of rubble, surfs the World Wide Web and eventually sets out after her daughter. (Rowohlt Theaterverlag)

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Anne Habermehl

Anne Habermehl s-a nascut la data de 1981 in Heilbronn, Germania.

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