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A Devil at Noon
The play features science fiction writer Chet, who is working on another book. His imagination runs wild, and the journey becomes addicting, powerful, and altogether dangerous.
The witches waiting to go on in "Macbeth" find there is one too many of them and a couple in an attic cannot decide whether they are alive or dead.
Everything Not Forbidden Is Permitted (Or Vice Versa)
A Frenchman, the Eiffel Tower and condoms.
I Have Loved Strangers
Inspired by the Book of Jeremiah and the exploits of the Weather Underground, the play deals with true prophets, false prophets, non-prophets, cockatrices, and lions, all battling for the salvation of Ancient New York.
Mr Burns, a post-electric play
Armageddon has struck and the grid is down: no TV, no radio, no internet - how will life go on? For one group of tenacious survivors, sitting around a fire and reminiscing about The Simpsons proves to be the greatest escape from despair. Miraculously, from their collective memories, a new industry struggles to be born: a crude theatrical re-creation of the digital culture we can't possibly live without. From The Simpsons to the pop hits of the last ten years, Mr. Burns, a post-electric play is a rocking, rollicking, scary good time that leaves you questioning how you'd make sense of the world if all your gizmos were gone.
In this lyrical coming-of-age story, 13-year-old David falls under the tutelage of 15-year-old Nikkie, an alluring older woman who seems to have quite a bit to teach him. Set at a street corner in 1982 in the East Village, scenes and monologues unfold the world of David and Nikkie's enigmatic relationship in this play about experience: how it creates you -- and how it destroys you.
Orestes and his sister Elektra mourn the death of their father. Notes:Based on "Orestes" by Euripides
The Communist Dracula Pageant
The downfall of Nicolea and Elena Ceausescu.
The Internationalist
Play Details Lowell, an American on a business trip, is met at the airport by a beautiful colleague. They spend the night together and he thinks he's in one of those great American movies where you go to a foreign land and there's romance and adventure and the experience changes you. The next day at the office he discovers that he's not in one of those movies, he's in one of those foreign films where nothing is as it seems, where there is no moral, and most importantly: no subtitles.
The Ladies
The play explores the lives of infamous first ladies Elena Ceausescu, Imelda Marcos, Eva Peron, and Jiang Qing (a.k.a. Madame Mao). They met over gin and coffee to discuss their research and left the tape recorder running. A play about women and power as told through gossip, torch songs, historical analysis, spectacle, and damning transcription.
The Small
This is part of Clubbed Thumb's Summerworks 2010 festival of new work; it will not be open to reviewers. Here's Clubbed Thumb's blurb about the show: In which a man struggles to assemble a reality from his dreams, the dog very much wants to be taken for a walk, and the Natural Food store isn't.

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