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A New Play
"Why no title?" "Because I want to write from passion, not obligation. Because I want to write for the actors I've cast, not cast for the parts I've written. Because I want to be stupid enough to do the wrong thing when it's right. Because risk is everything. Because everything is changing. Because I'm doing something else right now. Because I want to surprise myself. Because I want to surprise you. That's why". - Anthony Neilson
Edward Gant's Amazing Feats Of Loneliness
The play mixes Victorian melodrama with a catalogue of grotesque comic tales.
Get Santa!
It's Christmas Eve but Holly isn't happy. All she's ever wanted from Santa is to meet her real Dad for the first time. And every time, Santa's failed to deliver, bringing lots of useless presents instead. Well, Holly's had enough. This year she has a plan. She's going to wait up and trap Santa when he arrives and get from him the only present she's ever wanted
God In Ruins
The themes which have arisen out of the process include elements of Dickens' A Christmas Carol, online technology, fathers, mothers, sons and daughters, and men becoming gods in their own bedrooms as they try to recreate themselves in virtual worlds like Second Life. But at the heart of the play is a human story as a father attempts to communicate with his daughter. - British Theatre Guide
A black comedy about the way ruinous relationships pass from one generation to the next. As Elaine and her father sit by her dying mother's hospice bed, Elaine finds the prolonged contact with her father a strain. As other family members arrive, she begins to notice worrying similarities in the family's behaviour.
Scripted by 9-11 year olds. In their world, the head honcho is Mr fish and Chips, a half man, half cod who never gives a straight answer. A politician to the core.
Hoover Bag
Horror in contemporary life is explored in this study of loss and erotomania. An elderly woman receives a phone call from her dead son.
Horror in contemporary life is explored in this study of loss and erotomania. An elderly woman receives a phone call from her dead son.
Normal: The Düsseldorf Ripper
Anthony Neilson's controversial exploration into the mind of Peter Kurten, the notorious Dusseldorf Ripper. Neilson is at his stark and subversive best in this dark, emotional and gripping production.
Orson Welles in the Land of the Peas
Examining ambition, myth and the eternal clash between art and commerce, Orson Welles in the Land of the Peas takes a comic yet humane look at the one of the defining figures of twentieth century culture and attempts to fill in the gaps between the famous out-takes of this recording session. - British Theatre Guide
Max și Alan sunt doi tineri prieteni. Tadge este fostul lor coleg de școală care se întoarce acasă după Războiul din Golf. Dar acest război l-a schimbat foarte mult, el nu mai este tânărul pe care cei doi îl știau.
"A deeply mesmerising, if shocking, experience as a couple smashes through taboo after taboo in a harrowing sexual tug of war" —Evening Standard
The Censor
A gripping brief encounter between a pornographic film actress and the man with the licensing scissors. A moving parable of the critic and artist as a healing, and finally tragic love story.
The Colours Of The King's Rose
The Lying Kind
Constables Blunt and Gobbel have one last duty to fulfil before they finish their Christmas Eve shift: to tell the old couple at number 58 some terrible news. But what if the shock is too much for them? Maybe they'd be happier not knowing. And maybe the constables would also be better off if they weren't in the middle of a lynching.
The Menu
The play is an odd thing set in a retro-futurist world. Its quite likely to be rude but it also has songs by Vera Lynn.
The Night Before Christmas
A funny but ultimately warm-hearted cri de coeur against the Christmas industry.
The Seance
A group of teenage friends try to contact one of their number who has died.
The Wonderful World of Dissocia
Despre o tânără femeie care suferă de tulburare disociativă. Lisa are o viață imaginară ca un vis, dar petrece mult timp în spitalul în care este tratată.
Twenty years ago Willis committed a crime, he believes himself reformed. The investigator looking at his case has other ideas. A powerful and explosive tale.
Enough of the dystopian visions, austerity measures and extreme renditions. UTOPIA is a night of humanity at its best, looking at a different vision of our future, a vision of humankind being both human and kind. Just look at what we could have won...
Welfare My Lovely

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Anthony Neilson

Anthony Neilson s-a nascut la data de 1967 in Edinburgh, Scoția-MareaBritanie.

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