Piese de Antonio Tarantino

Dragă Medeea (Cara Medea)
Reinterpretare a textului clasic.
Gramsci a Turi
Inspired by Antonio Gramsci’s life
Il vespro della Beata Vergine
La casa di Ramallah
The hours that a father and a mother spend on the train taking their daughter to the place where she will perform a suicide bombing. The irrational but touching dialogue among the three, dense, painful and full of self-suggestions and fanaticisms, but also of heartfelt truths, is what will be represented by these three enormously talented interpreters.
Pacea (La pace)
Deals with terrorism and the Arab-Israeli conflict.
La passione secondo Giovanni
În această mare și teribilă lume (Nel mondo grande e terribile)
Piccola Antigone
Reinterpretare a textului clasic.
Stabat Mater
Străini (Stranieri)
“Materiali per una tragedia tedesca
Deals with the so-called German Autumn: the attacks conducted by the RAF, the kidnapping and murder of Schleyer, president of the German employers’ association, the hijacking of a Lufthansa flight to Mogadishu by a PFLP group, the violent repression of Schmidt’s government that culminated in the killing of the hijackers and the suicide of the German terrorists imprisoned in Stammheim.

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Biografie Antonio Tarantino 

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Antonio Tarantino

Antonio Tarantino s-a nascut la data de 10 aprilie 1938 in Bolzano, Italia.

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