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Around-the-Globe Chain Play
Starting and ending in NYC, a play will be written as it travels around the world making 15 stops with playwrights from across the globe. Each playwright will contribute the next one to four pages of text, moving the plot forward from where the previous playwright left off.
Chaos Theory
Opening in India in 1965 where Mukesh Singh and Sunita Sen attend New Delhi University, and flashing forward to NYC in 2000, the play explores the unusual love story of two young students as they embrace the challenges of their bi-cultural lives.
Fatwa is a play about the how far two people go to gain literary immortality. Our two characters, Michael Jordan and Mohammed Ali, are not the famous ones. they have the same names but are these two old hopeless failed writers, who are almost dead and ready for obscurity. As a last effort, one of them, Michael Jordan, writes a blasphemous book in an effort to get an Islamic Death Edict (Fatwa) on his head. Sadly, the Middle East fails to issue any edict or even respond to the novel. Pissed off, Mr. Jordan seeks the help of Mr. Ali to perform a staged "deadly act" before a video camera, that will apparently make both of them world famous.
Life, Love And Ebitda
A dark comedy about women in the corporate world and women who are affected by them. the play dives into an exploration of female relationships tied to the fate of an Indian Manhole Cover company. It tries to understand, through the hurried events of a Christmas weekend, through the hurried interactions taking place in three large world cities, the role global business has begun to undertake in manipulating free will and collective hope.
Out Of Fashion
Out of Fashion is a historical comedy tying together missed connections of history, fashion, romance, murder, family and the British Empire, set under the umbrella of an India struggling to free itself. In three acts set in three distinct time periods, it traces the history of three generations of a famous Indian family through their accidental altercations and unplanned romances with another particular middle-class English family. the catalyst or the setting for these unplanned intersections remains a particular suit shop of the highest prestige in Saville Rowe, London, itself run by the intricate and intimate connections of several generations of two elitist suit-makers. the evolution of tailors, monarchs, patriots, common men and fashion designers within the tailor shop, with time as a fuel, accidents as the catalyst and myth as the vehicle, forms the heart of this play of ideas.
An American Muslim of Indian descent walks into a shop in Paris. He just wants cigarettes.
The President is Coming
In a dog-eat-dog world of constant competitions, reality television and short-lived fame, this comedy explores a day in the life of six ambitious young Indians who will stop at nothing because the President is coming.

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