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Blind Eye
Wally and Vera are a salt of the earth couple in their golden years. They have lived on the same street their entire lives. They have kept to themselves and led decent lives. Or have they? A malicious attack on the old man results in two strangers entering their lives. Strangers who gradually unravel a long-held and shameful secret with devastating consequences. What the strangers discover will disorient their own moral compasses and question the clarity of right and wrong.
Blue Eyes
Described as a "Cabaret with Story" this weaves together the music of Sinatra (band required) with a NZ story. Going through her late mother's personal effects, Frances discovers old letters from her mother to Sinatra, and for the first time realises her mother was a singer in the 1960s.
Bonking James Bond
A warm hearted comedy about Betty who, having just discovered her husband is having an affair, will do anything to save her marriage even if it means dipping into fantasy and enlisting the help of a secret agent. By the end of the play she has developed self-esteem and strength and realises that she doesn't need her marriage in order to be happy.
Death & Taxe$
Gareth Burke, Destiny Life's top agent for 3 years in a row, wants to win the trip to Hawaii and take gorgeous receptionist Tiffany with him. But Lucille Potts, is determined to be the first female agent to top the sales figures and has a supernatural plan to ensure victory. Before he can take the prize, Gareth must overcome the obstacles in his path - an over-bearing wife, a manic-depressive corporate motivator, the police, the Inland Revenue, and even his own untimely death.
wo ordinary, everyday women stand before a bound hostage in an abandoned warehouse. They are armed with a gun, a knife and a video camera. Barbara is overwhelmed by suspicion and doubt. She wants answers. Carol is bitter, calculated and steadfast. She wants justice, and perhaps revenge.
Killing Me Softly
Three friends in their 20s meet regularly to reminisce about school times and their lives since. They play Truth or Dare. One friend has terminal cancer and asks (dares) the others to kill her.
Four unconnected vignettes set in the same motel room. What if walls could talk? ​What if you could see through the paper thin motel wall to see what on earth is going on in the dingy room next door?​ What would you do in their shoes? Could you?
Frank’s wife wants him to have a vasectomy. His life won’t be worth living unless he gets the snip. What would a real man do? What would The Godfather do? Badda bing, badda boom, April Phillips’ sharp new comedy will have you in stitches!
Angel Delight, the illegitimate daughter of a funeral parlour director, inherits the business when her father dies. Before she can sell the business and the land (which is much more valuable) she has to continue to run the business as a funeral parlour for a further five years. Unfortunately she knows nothing about the funeral business but a lot about prostitution. Angel and her team of 'girls' (including an obsessive compulsive transvestite named Delilah) run an undercover massage parlour in the funeral home keeping up appearances despite the prying of disgruntled former employee Mr R. Swipe who felt he should have inherited the business.
Ralph, Archie and George have been golf buddies for donkeys’ years and now they’re retired and spending more time than ever on the course and in the 19th hole. Their handicaps are higher than ever and their morale is low. Their long-suffering “golf widows” have had enough. The girls want to enjoy their golden years and put some spice back into their lives. Can these old timers get their marriages out of the bunker? Who will win the battle of the sexes? Will the game drive a wedge between them? Is there sex after sixty five?
The Three Little Pigs
The three little pigs have each decided to build their own house. But the Big Bad Wolf is hungry and he feels like a bacon sandwich. Will the pigs’ little houses be strong enough to keep the wolf from the door?

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