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Dark Energy
A maniac has taken over a theatre by long distance. He threatens to explode a bomb if his play is not produced. He forces the actors to put on a play about his own life that he has written. the actors struggle to do his play, but are torn by their own feelings. When they refuse to go through with it, the author-maniac explodes a bomb near the theatre. Forced to continue, the actors struggle toward the climax of the play when the actor playing the author kills his wife.
Devils Also Believe
Devils Also Believe is a play about the new America, a place where people get arrested and are not charged with any crime, but simply warehoused. A new America where what a person believes is more important than what a person knows. A new America where leading commentators openly state that they are in favor of torturing suspects to obtain information. Devil Also Believe is about the rigged beliefs that are fracturing America, dividing it as it has never been divided before. In this controversial, emotional Drama, we see the effects of 9-11 on an American family as each of them are driven by their beliefs to respond to the War on Terror that holds hostage America's soul.
Forrest: A Riot of Dreams?
Edwin Forrest was America's first star. Adored by the masses, scorned by many critics, Forrest sought to create an American theater that was both popular and dynamic. He encouraged American playwrights by offering prizes for new plays. His tragic marriage ended in one of the most publicized divorce cases in American History. His rivalry with an English actor resulted in the Astor Place Riots in New York City, in which over 20 people were killed. This play is as exciting and Dramatic as Forrest's own life.
Hedda Without Walls
A modern reinvention of Ibsen's Hedda Gabler . the actors who play the characters in Hedda share the stage with their fictional counterparts. the story of a young woman trying to take control of her life is intertwined with the stories of a group of actors, each of whom is seeking to find his or her own place in this world
Homeward Bound
Three wounded soldiers are stuck in a US military hospital in Germany waiting for a plane home. Changed irrevocably by the injuries they suffered, they fight among themselves, struggling to find a way to accept the new persons they have become. When two Iraqi civilians, wounded in the same on-going war, are housed with them, they all find that they are fighting for the same thing - to find a way to get home.
July Is A Month
About the turbulent times that surrounded life on campus during the Vietnam War.
Mrs Warren's Profession
The action is moved to the Philadelphia Main Line where Mrs. Warren has a mansion bought and paid for by her earnings as the proprietor of an on-line porno site, "clickanddate.com". the characters are modern versions of Shaw's rogue's gallery, such as the right-wing Rev. Gardner, now minister of "the Church of Christ the Avenger." He is trying to obtain financing for his "Guns for Christ" movement. While based on Shaw's masterpiece, this is a thoroughly modern Mrs. Warren's
Terror At the White House
The US is fighting a loosing battle against terrorists in a Middle East country. When hundreds of Muslim leaders are killed in an "accidental" US bombing raid, the President must decide what to do: reveal the accident and suffer the ill effects of the blunder or conceal it. His closest advisor tells him, "the truth is not an option." When his daughter discovers the cover up, the President schemes to prevent her from revealing the secret. But the more she discovers, the more radical she becomes. Eventually, she decides to help the terrorists - and the President decides that she must be silenced - by any means necessary.
The Gift Of Giving
The story of two young people, Jim and Della, trying to make their dreams come true in a cold, indifferent city. He's a writer and she's an actor - they're not exactly on the road to financial freedom! While Jim labors to write his first big novel, he takes a job as a delivery boy for a ticket agency run by Aaron Fishman. Inspired by the wonderful stories of O. Henry - this is a play about stories - it's the stories we tell that make us who we are
The Rising
The post Trump world. A group called "The Rising" is killing politicians. Another group "Murder A Minute" is killing everyone else.
Zelda & Scott: Boats Against the Current
The story of the dreams that the Fitzgeralds chased over two continents and three decades, and the destruction of their lives in pursuit of those dreams. Concentrating on the relationship that formed the focal point of both their lives, this production explores one of the most legendary romances of all time. While Zelda is often seen as an appendage to Scott's career, this play reveals that Zelda was an artist in her own right, and that her life and dreams were as devastated by Scott's demons as his life and dreams were destroyed by hers.

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Armen Pandola

Armen Pandola s-a nascut la data de 1950 in , SUA.

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