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Anyone Can Whistle
A town is so broke that the council will consider anything to make money. One day a small girl and her mother arrive. The girl licks a bolder and water pours out of it. A miracle. The town is saved.
Bird Cage, The
A dramatic tale of a hardboiled owner of a night club, The Bird Cage, in which not only the owner but all the employees symbolise a phase of metropolitan life which is both ironic and tragic.
Clearing In The Woods, A
This is in a sense a fantasy in which a multitude of times and experiences are telescoped into a single moment showing the entire life of a young woman during the course of the play. The author takes Virginia through her entire emotional life until, through her own courage and the understanding love of a young scientist, she arrives at knowledge and acceptance of her own nature.
Do I Hear A Waltz?
In a Dolce Vita era Venice, a plucky American secretary, takes a vacation. Romance is in the air.
Enclave, The
A group of friends have bought and renovated a row of houses and plan to move in as a group. One of their number has kept a secret from them - he is gay and is going to bring his much younger boyfriend too.
Setting: Various cities throughout the U.S. From the 1920s to the 1930s
Hallelujah, Baby!:
Setting: America from the turn of the century until now
The story of a dipsomaniac.
Home Of The Brave
A group of American soldiers volunteer for a dangerous mission to a Japanese-occupied island. One soldier develops a complex because he convinces himself that he has failed in his duty to a dying buddy. He imagines that being a Jew and the victim of prejudice in his own group is that fact responsible for his "cowardice." Under pressure of a tense situation, he becomes partially paralyzed so that he cannot walk. He is put under medical care, and with the help of his doctor and fellow soldiers, he is brought to realize that he and his comrades are essentially "just guys," with no difference determined by blood or religion. He recovers and faces the world with confidence.
Invitation To A March
Setting: The South Shore of Long Island, summertime
Jolson Sings Again
Is neither a musical nor a bio of the celebrated ... star Al Jolson, but a provocative drama. The title, however, is meant to remind us of Jolson's film portrayer Larry Parks. Parks would find himself singing a different kind of tune when called upon as the first witness to testify before Senator Joseph McCarthy's House Un-American Activities Committee. "Parks thought by testifying to the committee, it would save his career. He begged the committee in public not to name names, and that turned the public off," says Laurents, who, unlike Parks, is a survivor of the mid-century witch-hunt that short circuited, and sometimes ruined, careers.
Loss Of Memory, A
An American tourist is picked up by an Israeli. The American's older self remembers the event.
Madwoman Of Central Park West, The
A semi-autobiographical one-woman musical. It focuses on the difficulties faced by an older actress who is seeking to balance her career with her life as a wife and mother.
Nick and Norah
Based on characters created by Dashiell Hammett and "The Thin Man" motion pictures. It is 1937 in Hollywood and Nick and Nora Charles, inhabitants of San Francisco, return to their bungalow at The Garden of Allah Hotel following the wedding of a school chum of Nora's that has brought them - along with their dog, Asta - to Los Angeles. Their enjoyment of the mood and of each other is interrupted by another of Nora's old school chums, movie star Tracy Gardner. Tracy, a Best Supporting Actress Oscar-winner, is in need of Nick's services as a detective: Max Bernheim, celebrated German film maker and director of Tracy's current picture, has been arrested for murder, and Tracy wants Nick to take on Max's case so filming can resume. Nick declines, claiming he's retired, but Nora - ever loyal to her favourite Farmington classmate - decides to take on the case herself, with Nick - who doubts that Nora can carry it off - as her assistant.
Radical Mystique, The
New York of the late 60's when "radical chic" was in vogue a party to aid the Black Panther's Self Defence fund presents problems
Time Of The Cuckoo
elderly secretary on holiday in Venice finds man is married, face to face with the difference between American and European view of morality she seethes with conflict, she can have a short love affair if she chooses
Two Lives
Matt Singer, a playwright and his long term partner Howard Thompson a landscape gardener are celebrating Howard's birthday. But tragedy strikes.
West Side Story
Loosely based on Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, and set in the urban slums of New York, the show used, as its modern equivalents for the Montagues and Capulets the juvenile gangs of local whites (the Jets) and immigrant Puerto Ricans (the Sharks). The did battle with childish seriousness over the streets that they claim as their territory. The Jets, boastful and contemptuous of the immigrants, call on Tony, who used to be their leader but now has a regular job and is on his way to adulthood, to help their new leader Riff and the gang in a challenge to the Sharks. Riff reminds Tony of his old allegiance and of how menacing are the newcomers. Tony reluctantly agrees reluctantly but soon becomes excited with the thrill of potential combat. Meanwhile, in a bridal shop Anita, the sweetheart of the Shark's leader, Bernado, is converting Maria's communion dress into a gown for the dance that evening. Maria is Bernardo's sister. He has brought her from Puerto Rico hoping that she will marry his best friend, Chino. At the dance Riff challenges Bernado and the groups agree to do battle. Tony and Maria have seen each other and fall in love, instantly and become oblivious to the menace that is building up around them. Most of the Puerto Ricans are nervously elated over the coming conflict but they are confident and determined to assimilate into the American way despite the homesickness that some of them feel.

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Arthur Laurents

Arthur Laurents s-a nascut la data de 14 iulie 1918 in , SUA.

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