Piese de Arthur Miller

A Memory of Two Mondays
The play focuses on a group of desperate workers earning their livings in a Brooklyn automobile parts warehouse during the Great Depression in the 1930s. It explores the dreams of a young man yearning for a college education in the midst of people stumbling through the workday in a haze of hopelessness and despondency.
A Night Out
The sculptor Pinglet gets an evening away from his domineering wife and dines with the attractive Marcelle Delavaux. After a series of coincidences and mix-ups, he manages the deception without suffering any adverse consequences.
Vedere de pe pod (A View from the Bridge)
The action is narrated by Alfieri who, being raised in 1900s Italy but now working as an American lawyer, represents the "Bridge" between the two cultures. The play is set in 1950s America, in an Italian American neighborhood near the Brooklyn Bridge in New York. It employs a chorus and narrator in the character of Alfieri. Eddie, the tragic protagonist, has an improper love of, and almost obsession with, Catherine, his wife Beatrice's orphaned niece, so he does not approve of her courtship of Beatrice's cousin Rodolpho.
After the Fall
Acțiunea se petrece în mintea lui Quentin. El este un intellectual evreu care decide să=și reexamineze viața în scopul de a stabili dacă ar trebui să se căsătorească cu cea New York Jewish intellectual who decides to reexamineaa sa, Holga.
All My Sons
Is based upon a true story. Described how in 1941–43 the Wright Aeronautical Corporation based in Ohio had conspired with army inspection officers to approve defective aircraft engines destined for military use.
Broken Glass
The play focuses on a couple in New York City in 1938, the same time of Kristallnacht, in Nazi Germany. Phillip and Sylvia Gellburg are a Jewish married couple living in Brooklyn. Phillip works on foreclosures, at a Brooklyn mortgage bank. When Sylvia suddenly becomes partially paralyzed from the waist down, after reading about the events of Kristallnacht in the newspaper, Phillip contacts Dr. Harry Hyman. Dr. Hyman believes Sylvia's paralysis is psychosomatic, and though he is not a psychiatrist, he begins to treat her according to his diagnosis. Throughout the play, Dr. Hyman learns more about the problems Sylvia is having in her personal life, particularly in her marriage.
Vrăjitoarele din Salem (Crucible, The)
Presents the story of how the small community of Salem is stirred into madness by superstition, paranoia and malice, culminating in a violent climax.
Moartea unui comis voiajor (Death of a Salesman) Fragment disponibil online
Willy Loman, comis voiajor, a muncit toată viața și cu banii câștigați a crescut doi fii și a ținut o casă în picioare. Ajuns la bătrânețe, este concediat pe neașteptate deși el încă știe să vândă, să convingă, să se zbată. Problema este că în locul lui este preferat un altul mai tânăr, mai modern, mai vesel. El își trăiește drama care e amplificată și de faptul că fiul lui, Willy, este un baiat prea interiorizat, prea moale pentru a fi pe gustul companiilor de vânzări și nu are nici el o slujbă.
Elegy for a Lady
Everybody Wins
A prominent doctor from New England has been murdered, and his young nephew has been convicted of the crime. A seductive, possibly unstable woman named Angela Crispini persuades a private investigator, Tom O'Toole, to look into the case. She claims that the youth is innocent and that "everybody" knows who the real killer is. O'Toole lives with his sister, Connie, who is convinced Crispini is just using him. O'Toole is determined to get to the bottom of the case, in part due to his contempt for Charley Haggerty, the district attorney. He discovers that Crispini may be a prostitute and that she also had been romantically involved with Haggerty before him. O'Toole enlists the help of a friendly judge, Murdoch, only to see Crispini seduce and manipulate the judge as well.
Finishing the Picture
Kitty was a successful actress, a natural choice for a major motion picture. But as production gets under way, her acting is increasingly hindered by mental illness and a drug-induced haze.
Honors at Dawn
Incident At Vichy
About a group of men detained in Vichy France; and held to wait unknowingly, for what turns out to be their "racial" inspection by German military officers and Vichy French police during World War II. It focuses on the subjects of human nature, guilt, fear, and complicity and examines how the Nazis were able to perpetrate the Holocaust with so little resistance.
Let's Make Love
The billionaire Jean-Marc Clement learns that he is to be satirized in an off-Broadway revue. After going to the theatre, he sees Amanda Dell rehearsing and by accident the director thinks him an actor suitable to play himself in the revue. Clement takes the part in order to see more of Amanda and plays along with the mistaken identity, going by the name Alexander Dumas.
Marry the Girl
Wally hopes to marry Jane Elliott. He seeks Mrs Elliott's approval, which she gives, though shrewdly assessing his playboy character. When Wally is alone, Mrs Chattaway is shown in. She accuses him of playing fast and loose with the affections of her daughter Doris. He admits that they have been on romantic terms, but denies that he ever asked Doris to marry him. Mrs Chattaway departs, threatening him with an action for breach of promise. Wally's best friend, Hugh, arrives. He is a barrister, but not a prosperous one, preferring to go to the races than appear in court. Unlike the equally idle Wally he has no private income. He too loves Jane, but magnanimously congratulates his friend on being the victor in the contest for her love.
Mr. Peters' Connections
Peter is a former Pan Am pilot who worked for the airline in its glory days. He recalls flying into a thousand sunsets and bedding eighteen Rockettes in a month, eventually marrying one of them. Now he is an aging, befuddled man lost in a world he no longer understands.
No Villain
The audience is introduced in the first scene to the Simons, an immigrant family, in their parlor anxiously awaiting the return of their son from University. The Simons were at once successful but appear to have fallen upon rough times.
Playing for Time
Fénelon, a Jewish singer-pianist, is sent with other prisoners to the Auschwitz concentration camp in a crowded train during World War II. After having their belongings and clothes taken and their heads shaved, the prisoners are processed and enter the camp. Fénelon is recognized as being a famous musician and she finds that she will be able to avoid hard manual labor and survive longer by becoming a member of the prison's female orchestra, the Women's Orchestra of Auschwitz. In the process, she strikes up a close relationship with Alma Rosé, the musical group's leader, as well as the other members of the band.
Resurrection Blues
The story is set in an unnamed Latin American country that is painfully third world. The plot revolves around a captured prisoner who may or may not be the second coming of Christ, though Miller deliberately leaves the divinity of his unseen protagonist ambiguous. He is said to be able to perform miracles such as walk through walls, a major problem for the prison guards, and, because of his popularity among the impoverished citizens, the military dictator of the nation has sentenced him to be crucified. This creates many moral dilemmas with the play's cast of characters, which include a wealthy land-owner who is the cousin of the dictator, his depressed daughter—a close friend of the accused—and an American television production team that arrives to broadcast the crucifixion.
The American Clock
About 1930s America during The Great Depression. The Baum family—father Moe, mother Rose and son Lee are trying to cope during the great Depression of the 1930s. They were wealthy but lost their money during the Depression. They are forced to move from their home in Manhattan to live with relatives in Brooklyn. Lee wants to be a writer (and narrates the play).
The Archbishop's Ceiling
The setting is an ornate room in a former Archbishop's palace in an Eastern European capital, a room which has probably been bugged by the secret police. The central character is a middle-aged author, Sigmund, who, having embarrassed the current regime, is faced with the choice of detention and punishment or defection to the West. He is encouraged in the latter by two of his former friends, also writers, his compatriot Marcus, an ex-political prisoner now in favor with the regime, and Adrian, a visiting American with strongly liberal ideals. The situation is complicated by the presence of Maya, a poet and actress, who has been the mistress of all three. It is the complexity of the relationship of these four, the inextricable interweaving of politics, art and sex, and the constant uncertainty as to whether what they say may be overheard that makes for a rich and deeply intriguing play - and one which raises questions not only about morality but individual responsibility.
The Creation of the World and Other Business
A parable that explores the theme of good-versus-evil by way of a comedic retelling of events in the Book of Genesis in the Bible. The first act is set in the Garden of Eden, where God creates Eve for Adam. God wants the couple to procreate, but doesn't know how to entice them into starting the process. Onto the scene comes Lucifer, who believes the existence of evil will make sex exciting, and he tempts the couple to eat the forbidden apple. God punishes Lucifer by tossing him into hell and punishes the couple by expelling them from paradise. In the second act, Eve gives birth to Cain.
The Crucible
It is a dramatized and partially fictionalized story of the Salem witch trials that took place in the Massachusetts Bay Colony during 1692/93.
The Guardsman
The story revolves around a husband-and-wife acting team. Simply because he is insecure, the husband suspects his wife could be capable of infidelity. The husband disguises himself as a guardsman with a thick accent, woos his wife under his false identity, and ends up seducing her. The couple stays together, and at the end the wife tells the husband that she knew it was him, but played along with the deception.
The Hook
The drama's opening setting is in a cafeteria filled with longshoremen who are waiting to hear if the man in a beaver cap who is getting instructions over the phone will be putting together a ‘gang’ or team of men for the day’s work. The man in the beaver cap is Barney. He gets instruction to handle the cargo on Pier 71 and starts to put together his gang. Phil hands out the brass counters which entitle each man to a day’s work and pay. When he gets to the last counter, he tosses it in the air so that Charlie and another man have to scrap to get possession of it. Charlie loses out. Mr. Hinkle puts pressure on Phil who then puts pressure on the gang bosses Barney and Marty to finish their work as quickly as possible in order to turn a profit. Barney and Old Dominic are driving the winch. Old Dominic uses the winch wisely, but Rocky takes over, and despite Barney’s efforts to stop him, Rocky works the winch faster and faster, until there is a huge crash. There is a tangle of steel. Beneath the wreckage is Barney’s lifeless body. Charlie asks for his job. Marty is distraught.
The Last Yankee
The play takes place in a present-day state mental hospital, located in New England. Patricia Hamilton is recovering from depression, but a visit from her husband Leroy coincides with that of a successful businessman, John Frick, who has come to see his newly admitted wife, Karen. A clash of values and emotions upsets them all. The play focuses on the relationships of two couples - Leroy and Patricia Hamilton, married many years with seven children, and John and Karen Frick, a childless couple.
The Man Who Had All the Luck
Poster for the 2002 Broadway revival The Man Who Had All the Luck is a play by Arthur Miller. David Beeves is a young Midwestern automobile mechanic who discovers he is blessed with what appears to be almost supernatural good fortune that allows him to overcome every seemingly insurmountable obstacle that crosses his path while those around him fall in defeat. Like Midas, everything he touches is tinged with gold, leaving him to wonder if and when his luck will change and he too will be forced to deal with life's tragedies, until he eventually realizes that his good heart, hard work, and quick thought have been responsible for his success far more than luck.
The Misfits
Roslyn Tabor is a 30-year-old woman who has just gotten a quickie six-week divorce from her inattentive husband Raymond. After leaving the house, Roslyn ignores Raymond's attempts to talk to her, and meets with her best local friend, Isabelle Steers, who is also a divorcee. Isabelle takes Roslyn to a bar at Harrah's Reno for drinks to let the reality of her divorce sink in. While there, they meet an aging cowboy and his friend Guido. They invite Roslyn and Isabelle to Guido's old house in the Nevada country to help her forget about the divorce, after Gay tells Roslyn that he is also divorced. They arrive at the unfinished house Guido built for his late wife, who died several years earlier during childbirth.
The Price
After the Great Depression, Victor Franz gave up going to college to support his father. After 30 years, Victor returns to sell his parents’ estate. His wife, Esther, his brother, Walter, and a canny furniture dealer have their own agendas. Victor must finally deal with his sacrifice.
The Ride Down Mt. Morgan
Lyman Felt is an insurance agent and bigamist who maintains families in New York City and Elmira in upstate New York. When he is hospitalized following a nearly fatal car crash, both wives show up at his bedside. He justifies his actions to both shocked women by explaining he has given them good lives, has supported them financially and emotionally, and has been a good father.
They Too Arise
It is a rewrite of No Villain.
Up from Paradise

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