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Chicken, airbags and wors
South African comedy script by popular playwright Ashley Nader. In this transgender comedy script, Shannon has fallen desperately in love with a gay man, who then comes out and then dumps her for a famous gay TV star. Shannon’s best friend is Julie, who desperately wants a sex change operation and hopes her parents will pay for it. Both girls are in for a bit of a disappointment in this South African comedy script.
Don’t Knock
In this comedy thriller script, a group of friends get together to play their regular poker game. But one of the group of friends who lives in the same apartment block is mysteriously missing. The group is quite worried about him as he lost his wife recently and since then he seems to be suffering from a lot of anger and depression. They are naturally concerned that something may have happened to him, but they would never have imagined that at that very moment he was holding a burglar hostage in his apartment…
Don’t Shrink Me!
In this one act comedy script, we meet Gerald, a therapist with an unconventional approach to his sessions. We also meet his three newest patients: Sarah, a sexaholic suburban housewife who has been having affairs for years, Henry, an about to be new father with a taste for women’s underwear and Jade, who’d rather break up with her boyfriend than lose the chocolate she really craves. And then there’s Gerald’s therapist…
Happy Reality
When a fairytale becomes the most precise way to shock, educate and amaze! Michelle is determined to write the perfect fairytale. Easy enough… except the story must have a lesson that teaches both parents and their children about the harsh facts of life, it must get the ‘approval’ of her publisher and most importantly, the story must honour the memory of her late daughter, Anna. Still trying to come to terms with her death and relying heavily on alcohol to deal with it, Michelle ponders her daughter and the life she could have lived, sewing it weirdly yet beautifully together with the outlandish adventures of a fairytale, to seal the memory of her daughter in a triumphant fashion in this modern fairytale comedy script for adults.
Miss Independent
Two-hander one act comedy play script in which an errant husband’s yoga instructor girlfriend, aptly named ‘Çhristmas,’ manipulates the wife into divorcing her husband, the wife’s subsequent disintegration into the classic stages of anger (cured by throwing his stuff out the house), depression (cured by fried chicken) and toyboying (cured by ‘Malcolm’) and her gradual rehabilitation with the love of her son. Nice subtext of the male mid-life crisis.
My middle name is angry
In this award winning comedy script, Alice and Janet, two sisters are thrown together to share an apartment. They are very different. Through out their lives they have shared similar struggles and day to day issues (work, love, parents, death etc). Yet each one shows it in a different way. Alice tries to help Janet with her anger and frustrations ending in hilarious outcomes that make Janet question her soul and who she is.
Strip me to the bone
In this one act sex comedy, Michelle is about to be married to Matthew when her ex, Peter comes back into her life. Peter is everything Matthew isn’t – fun and dangerous, but he has also cheated on Michelle in the past. It’s the night of Michelle’s bachelorette party, and the girls, Samantha, Carol and Claire are surprising her with a male stripper at the notorious ‘Peacock Palace.’ Things get a little out of hand and they end up back at home with the the ‘naked’ stripper. To make matters worse, Peter has spent the night with Michelle and Matthew is on his way over.
The Basement
Carol and Mark have a problem. Besides the fact that Mark has cheated on Carol, Carol is a raging alcoholic, Mark is wanted by the police, and they now have an even bigger problem – the body in the basement. It’s been about a week and the body is starting to smell. But will they get rid of the body before anyone finds out? A one act comedy thriller for three adults.
The love of Cheesecake
In this one act play for adults, Molly, a slightly tubby housewife is rather desperate because she feels that the spark has gone out of her marriage to the very predictable Arthur and she doesn’t know what to do about it. She feels that her relationship has become loveless and all the frustration she has built up comes pouring out. She ends up pouring her soul out to her best friend and neighbour, Fran. Fran comes up with an idea to help Molly and Arthur out and reignite the flame and passion in Molly and Arthur’s staid relationship. She sends her to a therapist who sets them tasks for each other. This includes everything from body food (which goes well) to a stripper pole (which doesn’t) ending with side splitting consequences in this hilarious adult comedy.
Three’s a crowd
A story of two best friends, their simple enough lives and their complicated relationships. Simon and Kerry have both reached the point of no return in the way they lead their love lives. Kerry has ended it with her physically and mentally abusive boyfriend Dylan, whilst Simon has recently come out and is embarking on his first relationship with another man. Kerry and Simon hide zero elements of their lives from one another but have never had the most intimately delicate parts intersect… That is until Simon realizes he is in love with Kerry’s ex, Malcolm. When Simon and Kerry’s friendship takes a turn for the less friendly and more romantic road, they have no choice but to face their uncertain futures with or without each other. … Because girls and boys can never just be friends.

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Ashley Nader

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