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Beyond the Pale
Set in Northern Ireland at the brink of the twenty-first century, and populated by Dubliners in search of a home in the North, this modern Irish play explores that ribbon of border that separates countries, lovers, brothers and friends.
Breakfast in the Hamptons
The play takes place as a writer’s botched suicide attempt in a wealthy friend’s pool is interrupted by a young woman’s nude sunrise swim.
Eva the Chaste
The first in The Eva Trilogy. Enter the Roar and No Coast Road to follow. The play immerses the audience in the pivotal passions and pressing responsibilities of a woman whose twenty-year sprint away from her past comes crashing to a close as dawn breaks over Dublin Bay. Hammond set out to reveal, through the use of spoken thought, a genuine and intimate portrait of a woman at the crossroads, both literally and figuratively, of her life. The script, set in Dublin and Paris, explores the profound and unpredictable bond between a mother and a daughter; the grasp for life at the approach of death; and the road to hell — shining, smooth and paved with good intentions.
June Weddings
The play catches the Russian émigré and barfly Sonja drinking screw-top champagne and reading Chekhov as father-of-the-groom RJ slips in to a Washington Heights corner bar for a quick one and to practice his speech between ceremony and reception.
Little Birds
The play offers up two East Village hold-outs in Tompkins Square Park, bemoaning the loss of the good old days when the squatters ruled and the playgrounds were empty.
Norman & Beatrice
The play seeks to challenge the very nature of who we are and who we might become, both as individuals and in partnership with another, as the titular couple have a quiet lunch in the last years of their life together in the first act, followed, in the second act, by a flashback to another noon-time meal, in the early days of their marriage, with all its hope and promise as-yet unfulfilled. An exploration of how the major events of the latter half of the twentieth century affects an ordinary family in the American Midwest.
Paper Tigers
A cottage on Delavan Lake in Wisconsin with windows smashed by a baseball bat and broken locks on the doors provides an unlikely haven for a family reunion for a young runaway, her veteran father, and two brothers who keep inventing new ways to disappoint themselves and one another. A play about what time doesn't change, and what secrets might best be left buried.
An English couple escape their routine in suburban Darlington at a Caribbean island retreat run by a widow from New Orleans and haunted by a young painter hovering on some vortex between James Dean, Arthur Rimbaud and Pocahantes. Their marriage is turned inside out as art and the artist fascinates one of them and infuriates the other.

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