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It Felt Like A Kiss
Imagine walking into a disused building. You find yourself inside a film. It is a ghost story where unexpected forces, veiled by the american Dream, come out from the dark to haunt you. It tells the story of America's rise to power in the golden age of pop, and the unforeseen consequences it had on the world and in our minds. Beginning in 1959, the show spotlights the dreams and desires that america inspired during the '60s, when the world began to embrace the country and its culture as never before. But as this daring production unfolds across five floors, blending music with documentary and the disorientating whirl of a fairground ghost train, the audience is forced to face the dark forces that were veiled by the american dream - a dream that ultimately returns to haunt us all.
Sleep No More
The audience wear masks. The actors do not speak. There are one hundred rooms in the McKittrick Hotel. The audience is free to wander from room to room.
The Crash Of The Elysium
A live Doctor Who adventure in which the audience is the star of the show. The production is unlike anything audiences will have ever experienced.This is their story, their mission, the audience are the hero. No two shows are ever the same, no individual adventure is ever repeated.

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Barrett Felix

Barrett Felix s-a nascut la data de in , Marea Britanie.

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