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A Dickin's Christmas
A boisterous re-interpretation of Charles Dickens' A CHRISTMAS CAROL set in Melbourne in the mid 1950's. Jack Gruel presides over the Maudlin Theatre Company counting his pennies as he brings British Theatre to the Antipodes. His company though is frustrated by his slavish devotion to another culture. One has the temerity to attempt writing an Australian play much to Jack's amused astonishment. But then along come three spirits who show Jack a different way and convince him it is time to change.
A Kind Of Fabulous Hatred
Set on the night of the poet Sylvia Plath's suicide, this is a complex, insightful and often very funny portrait of a mind in turmoil.
All Of Which Are American Dreams
The play takes as its central theme the corruption of America. . .. Its most powerful medium is metaphorical, expressed in an acting group that is freakish, violent . . . frightened and frightening.
Between Engagements
Plight of Australian actors desperate for work but parts for Australians are not being written
The play deals with the futile struggle to escape outdated ideals. a mother tries to shield her son from the moral and sexual lapses of his late father.
An elegy to a broken and forgotten family. Their one aim; to get through the day. Heartbreaking, but shot through with Dickins' inimitable wit and dark satiric spirit, this is a classic of contemporary Australian writing.
Lost In Ringwood
Two extremely solitary women, powered by mist and rude thought, appear to be performers in a farce straight from the West End. . .or Geelong. Rose Viper hates her daughter Cynthia, who reciprocates. Each minute is divided into real life pathos and all too-real potential tragedy. they refuse help but welcome torture.
Remember Ronald Ryan
Dickins portrays the man behind the legend as loveable, cheeky, courageous, and wretched.
Follows the fantastic footballing fortunes of the battling Noble Family.
The hanging or Ronald Ryan in 1967 hardened public opinion against capital punishment in Australia and his was the last death at the hands of the State in this country
The Banana Bender
Farce about a religious fanatic living on a camping site in Queensland with his mother.
The Death Of Minnie
A Polish Immigrant woman living in Melbourne's Fitzroy decides to commit suicide on her 40th birthday.
The Real Thring
The play searches and discovers Frank Thring's soul and spirit and resurrects his endless erection. To be shocking was the only thing that didn't bore Thring. He was and is an ignored gay icon until this tribute to his inimitable panache. He was outrageous in death as well as life. He remains the most famous actor, the most feared drunkard, the most missed enigma. He was fun and a ham and a genius. He was everywhere in the fifties, sixties, seventies and eighties. He delighted in shocking audiences and drank as though there were no tomorrows.

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Barry Dickins

Barry Dickins s-a nascut la data de 1949 in Melbourne, Australia.

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