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Suburban mum, Vera, has won a trip to China in a bake-off competition on the eve of Margaret Thatcher's signing Hong Kong back to the Chinese Mainland. On the tour bus with her son, she meets an obnoxious Aussie blabbermouth, a pukka English Thatcherite, and two Americans who collect jade for Jesus. Although it's her first trip overseas, Vera strikes up a rapport with Peng, their official guide, and learns of his past as a singer with the Beijing Opera and his suffering during the Cultural Revolution.
Indecent Exposure
The play explores the underbelly of modern party politics as well as the pros and cons of outing and the true nature of modern love and desire. The Australian PM has disappeared and conspiracy theories abound: he was kidnapped by aliens, he was whisked away in a Chinese submarine, he was killed by the CIA. Only one man, Declan Tulloch, knows the truth. Twenty years later, Declan and the PM's daughter struggle for Liberal Party preselection. Meanwhile, Brita, an ambitious young ACT-UP activist, is on the trail of a good lay and a good story and he doesn't care how he gets it.
Rehearsing The Shower Scene From 'Psycho'.
Norman is a recluse, who lives with his invalid mother, and gets his kicks from hiring rough trade to act out his favourite scenes in violent movies. He meets his match in Crowe, who turns out to be not fantasy but the real thing. And so is Crowe's brother, Hawk, who later turns up searching for his missing sibling. Or is he? This very black and very bleak comedy explores the Aussie pastime of poofter-bashing and the fine line between fantasy and reality with a nod to Psycho and Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?
Relative Merits
Explores the relationship between nineteen-year-old Clay, who leaves his house to join his older brother and football hero, Adam, in the city. They haven't seen each other in ten years and Clay's homophobia and misconceptions about masculinity have to be confronted when he discovers his older brother is gay and HIV positive.
Hollywood actor Sal Mineo holds a press conference to announce his come-back as a stage performer and talks about his life as a Sicilian-American, his life as a star, including acting with James Dean, and his life on the skids when his luck ran out. Later that night he is stabbed and killed on his way back to his apartment. The actor playing Sal Mineo also plays Sal's mum and various other characters.
Seeing Things
Clarrie discovers the ghost of his favourite gay porn movie star living in the wardrobe in his new flat. But even though the spirit is willing, the flesh is weak at the knees. Love eventually triumphs with the help of a lesbian clairvoyant and Clarrie's nerdy friend, Mac.
The Death Of Peter Pan
Explores the relationship between James Barrie and one of his adopted sons, Michael Llewelyn Davies, who was a model for Peter Pan, and who drowned in a pool at Oxford in 1921.
The GreatGatsby
Scott Fitzgerald's masterpiece adapted for stage. Explores the American dream gone sour. The greed and duplicity of US society in the 1920s through the eyes of the narrator, Nick Carroway, who watches as bootlegger Jay Gatsby attempts to reignite his past love for the now married Daisy Buchanan.
Tokyo Rose
Tokyo Rose was the name given to the female announcers who broadcast propaganda over Radio Tokyo, which was beamed to the Allied troops in the South Pacific during World War Two. U.S. born Iva Toguri, however, was the only one charged with treason in an orchestrated witch hunt by journalists and politicos to increase their power and prestige. Using the Andrew Sisters and Uncle Sam as counterpoint, the play explores the gross miscarriage of justice which led to her ultimate tragedy. Tokyo Rose can be performed as a musical or a straight play.

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Barry Lowe

Barry Lowe s-a nascut la data de 16 mai 1947 in , Australia.

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