Piese de Barry Oakley

Beware Of Imitations
Buck Privates
Christian Brothers, The
Cleopatra's Navy
Cullity On Furniture
Eugene Flockhart's Desk
Feet of Daniel Mannix, The
Subject: Mannix, Daniel, 1864-1963
From the Desk of Eugene Flockhart
Great God Mogodon, The
Hollow Tombola, The
It's A Chocolate World
Lesson In English, A
tribute to a brief, unhappy experience as an evening class English teacher
Richard Piper stars as Jack as he destroys relationships, deals with the depression associated with imminent death, and clowns around much to the dismay of wife Margie, estranged brother Peter and old friend Max. It's a story of human existentialism set to the paradigm of old records and dysfunctional relationships.
About the machinations of contemporary politics.
Ship's Whistle, The
Witzenhausen, Where Are You?

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Barry Oakley

Barry Oakley s-a nascut la data de in , Australia.

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