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Bess Johnson and Macon Hill are mail-order brides who meet while waiting for their husbands to pick them up to start life in a small town in the Wyoming Territory in the 1860s. Bess is a romantic while Macon Hill is exuberant and determined about getting on with life in the West, one that promises to be full of possibility. The husbands arrive. Bess, expecting Mike Flynn, gets his bother, Jack. Macon's husband is William Curtis, a widower with one eye and a scarred face. Life becomes very difficult for Bess and Jack, and Bess is constantly abused and totally unappreciated. They struggle-and fail-to make ends meet. On the other hand, Macon is hardly tolerant of William, although the couple is affluent. One Christmas Eve, in a rage, Jack burns down the cabin. Macon and William take the couple in and start living together for a longer time than expected. Bess and Macon, having forged a strong bond, decide that some day they will strike out on their own, though Macon is reluctant to actually do so. Some time, lat
Am I Blue?
Begins in a seedy New Orleans bar where John Polk Richards, a college freshman whose fraternity brothers have paid his way into a bordello as an eighteenth birthday present, is bolstering his courage with liquor. He is approached by Ashbe, a fey young creature who invites him to the littered apartment which she shares with her absent father. As high strung and flaky as John Polk is nervous and tentative, Ashbe initiates him into her secret fantasy life as she tries to bridge the loneliness which infuses them both. She strings Cheerios to make a necklace and then nibbles at them; puts blue food coloring in John Polk's rum and Coke; lets him hear the sea in her favorite conch shell; and finally, invites him to make love to heran offer which he politely declines. Sometimes wildly funny, sometimes gently affecting, the play is a wonderfully resourceful study of two young people, both unsure and apprehensive, whose unexpected encounter becomes, for both of them, a valuable lesson in coping with lifenow and in the future.
Control Freaks
Sister Willard (a troubled woman who struggles with three personalities: Sister, Spaghetti and Pinkie) returns from jury duty to discover her brother, Carl, has married Betty. Carl and Betty have big plans to open up Furniture World. All they need is Sister's signature on the papers, and the building will be theirs. Paul, the owner of the building, is invited over to sign the papers and have cocktails and hors d'oeuvres. Sister decides to "set her cap" for Paul because she wants Carl to see that "she can get a man." Betty doesn't like this plan because she is secretly and very sexually involved with the seductive Paul. Murder, mayhem and memories unfold as these four desperate characters vie for ultimate control.
Crimes Of The Heart
Într-un târg de provincie din Mississippi, unde toţi sunt o mare familie şi nimeni nu mai reprezintă un secret pentru celălalt, unde toate activităţile zilnice sunt făcute în comunitate, singurătatea însăşi este cea care le aduce împreună pe cele trei surori. O bucătărie mare - dintr-un orăşel mic, claustrat, în care cele trei surori îşi bucătăresc singurătatea împreună. Acesta este spaţiul vital al unor oameni pe care sângele îi leagă în toate felurile, singurul loc în care se mai poate respira.
Debutante Ball, The
This stunning comic drama, set in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, begins the morning of Teddy Parker's debutante ball, that archetypal phenomenon in Southern culture known as a maiden's "coming out." Teddy's mother, the beautiful and formidable Jen Parker Turner, has willed this event into being. Ostracized from polite society ever since she was accused andunder much speculation and gossipacquitted of the murder of her wealthy husband, Jen has been looking to Teddy's coming-out gala to revive her and her family's reputation. As the play unfolds, various secrets emerge: an unwanted pregnancy, an illicit romance, self-mutilation, mendacity and murder. Polite facades crumble and ugly truths twist and polka across the ballroom floor. This is a play about the price of secrets and the power that love and lovelessness hold over our lives.
Impossible Marriage
The entire action of the play takes place in Kandall Kingsley's beautiful and mysterious garden. Kandall's youngest daughter, Pandora, is to be wed to Edvard Lunt, a worldly artist twice her age. Kandall does not think the match to be at all suitable. Flora, Pandora's older sister, who is expecting a child at any moment, plots to break off the marriage. Unexpectedly, Sidney Lunt, the groom's son, arrives with a note from his mother in which she vows to throw herself from an attic window if the marriage goes forward. Even Reverend Lawrence who has come to wed the couple has secret hopes and desperate desires. Throughout this wildly funny and moving play the characters struggle heroically with the impossibility of finding an allegiance between their civilized duties and primitive desires.
a fascinating study of style, character and rhythm. The play is written in twelve scenes. Each scene has a unique style and is a mini play in itself. The element that unites these pieces is that each scene title begins with the letter L. The scenes include: "Learner," a young student struggles to gain the affection of his beloved through poetry; "Lunatic," an isolated woman fights going mad, goes mad, and after circling the edge finds redemption; "Leaving," a piece performed in masks in which a granddaughter seeks to find the secrets of her dying grandmother's life; "Loser," a small-town guy tries to get his best friend to hit on his girlfriend to test her loyalty. The final piece, "Life," is primarily a dance where the primitive family of Ones encounters the Shoe who presents them with the terrible joy of life.
Lucky Spot, The
The place is Pigeon, Louisiana, the time Christmas 1934at the low point of the American Depression. Reed Hooker, a compulsive gambler, has won a rundown rural dance hall in a poker game, and hopes that it will make his fortune. Assisted by the faithful Turnip and an underaged waif named Cassidy (whom Reed also won at cards and whom he has made pregnant), Reed has christened the place "The Lucky Spot" and is preparing for the grand opening. Cassidy, hoping that Reed will divorce his present spouse and marry her, has secretly arranged for his estranged wife, Sue Jack, to have Christmas parole from the prison where she was committed for doing away with Reed's last ladylove. But as Sue Jack and Reed detest each other (or think that they do) her unexpected arrival starts the fur flyingparticularly after the volatile Sue Jack, who is supposed to stay on the wagon, comes across both a loaded pistol and a jar of good southern moonshine. Complications multiply (except for the rather forlorn, weak-ankled Lacey), and the sinister Whitt Carmichael (to whom Reed owes money) turns up with a dispossess order. In the end The Lucky Spot proves not to be so lucky, but Reed and Sue Jack do discover that what they think is hate is really loveand the others, in one very funny way or another, also get their just desserts.
Miss Firecracker Contest, The
Carnelle, twenty-four, is striving to win the Miss Firecracker Con-test - a beauty contest held every Fourth of July in her hometown, Brookhaven, MS. Carnelle's two cousins, Elain and Delmount, both return home in time to see her through the contest. Elain, a fading beauty, has left her rich husband in Natchez. Delmount, twenty-eight, recently released from a lunatic asylumn is intent on selling the house and "every stick of furniture in it." Popeye Jackson, twenty-three, appears on the scene to make Carnelle's costume for the contest - she can hear voices through her eyes.
The play takes place in a cottage on the shore of Lake Michigan where devotees of Dash Grey, the charismatic artistic director of Chicago's Red Lantern Theatre, have come to commemorate his death. Jasper Dale (Dash's ex-lover) is in charge of the elaborate proceedings. In a desperate attempt to save the struggling Red Lantern Theatre, Jasper taints the event by including Kate Spoon, a wealthy, talent-free matron, who insists on being regarded as an artist. As the play proceeds, Caroleena Lark, a psychic orphan, who has sacrificed her life for the theatre discovers that Kate Spoon is going to have her fired. Other complications occur when Eddy Canary, a middle-aged homeless playwright, shows up hoping to resurrect his love affair with Victor Lloyd. Victor, or Vickie, is a beautiful, modestly gifted prot
Ridiculous Fraud
A disastrous New Orleans wedding rehearsal dinner is the latest in a series of unfortunate events that befall the Clay brothers in Beth Henleys boisterous and bittersweet new comedy. Daddys in jail for fraud, Uncle Baites has taken up with a panhandler, and Lafcads just called off his own wedding. What family doesnt have its ups and downs? Winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Crimes of the Heart, Henley returns to her Southern roots with a vengeance in RIDICULOUS FRAUD, an equally outsized and even more achingly poignant saga of three grown brothers trying to outrun a family history that tends to the worst-case scenario.
Two brothers, Boswell and Maxwell, are living in Los Angeles in the year 2052. Knowing he is seriously ill, Boswell seeks to revive his fame as a once acclaimed art philosopher. In his obsession to leave a legacy, a signature, he pushes away the love of a young woman (named William) who is a dedicated worker on the Splat Out Crew. The younger brother, Maxwell, becomes so distraught when his wife, L-Tip, divorces him on video divorce that he calls up the Euthanasia Hot Line and requests to be "euthed" because of a broken heart. Max is thus transformed into an icon of twenty-first-century romantic love and suddenly discovers the wonders of glamour and the price of fame.
Sisters Of The Winter Madrigal
Calaih and Taretta, the orphaned daughters of Joshua the Cow Herder, live together in a hut outside a medieval village. Calaih, a girl with beautiful long red hair, roams the hills with her cow and falls desperately in love with Stephan, the Shoemaker's son. Taretta, the older sister, is a ravishing seductress who is the most sought after prostitute in the land. Fortune changes for the two sisters when the High Lord proclaims he will marry Calaih because he is obsessed with her glorious hair, and Taretta's arm becomes afflicted with a menacing disease.
Wake Of Jamey Foster, The
The scene is a small town in Mississippi, where the family of Jamey Foster, a failed poet and would-be historian, who was kicked in the head by a cow while consorting with his mistress in a pasture, have gathered for his wake. The mourners, who include Jamey's estranged wife; her sister and brother and the brother's fey girlfriend; Jamey's upwardly mobile brother and his oppressively doting wife; and an eccentric family friend who raises pigs - all seem to agree on one point - none of them really liked the deceased very much. But on most other matters they are far apart, and as old enmities flare up the play explodes with bizarre humour and zany revelations. In the end a tenuous truce is reached as those assembled prepare to depart for the final rites - but it is abundantly dear that the lives on which Jamey had a baleful effect in his lifetime may well be changed for the better by his untimely demise.

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Beth Henley

Beth Henley s-a nascut la data de 8 mai 1952 in Jackson Mississippi, SUA.

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