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A Native of the James Family
Alice James (sister of the novelist Henry), on her death bed, in a morphine haze, reviews her life with the help of Henry and her companion Katharine Loring, as well as characters from Wonderland, Prince Charming and the fairy Godmother, and her doctors. Based on Alice's diary.
A Native of the James Family A Place on Earth An Enemy of the People Androgyne Angel Beowulf Boy in a Cage Don't Just Stand There - Jiggle! Double Vision Grace Under Pressure How to Speak Male Jason
Jason is a mentally challenged young man applying for permission to rent an apartment in subsidized housing. He is being interviewed. (The audience is his "jury"). Whilke answering questions he reveals more of himself than is expected.
A Place on Earth
A widow lives alone in a tacky rooming house and her only companion is a puppet who talks to her. The play takes her through a crucial day in her life. Raped a few days earlier, she is preparing for her venture to the police station to press charges.
An Enemy of the People
An adaptation of the Henrik Ibsen play, set in Saskatchewan in the 1960s.
A young woman tries out as a boy, for the boy's parts playing the girls in Shakespeare's plays, and falls in love with her leading man. Estranged, because she was knocked up by a rapist, she and her faithful dresser continue a life in the theatre, older, wiser, and never doubting the power of love.
The Angel of Death comes to take an old woman away, but she tricks him into letting her review her life. There are a couple of things she needs to find out, and does, with surprising results.
Beowulf the hero fights the monster Grendel to save Hothgar, King of the Danes and then Grendel's mother. Years later, old and a king himself, Beowulf fights a dragon and dies.
Boy in a Cage
A teenage boy is brought by his mother to a guidance counsellor to try to get him admitted to high school in spite of being mentally challenged. When he meets a girl who is interested in him, everyone turns on him Ð what right does he have to be normal?
Don't Just Stand There - Jiggle!
A collection of entertaining puppet plays featuring magical and mystical characters and dealing with such themes as courage, friendship and loyalty.
Double Vision
Three women are in crisis. Grandmother Lara is facing encroaching infirmity, her daughter Eileen is divorced and unhappy, while granddaughter Corrie is coping with a difficult adolescence.
Grace Under Pressure
A small town investment club goes to the city to celebrate its earnings, but each member has a private agenda that causes complications to the others. Six identical briefcases and three identical jars filled with very different contents add to the amusing confusion.
How to Speak Male
The first session of a night school class designed to teach what men really mean when they talk - the true messages of the male language. You may find that your audiences want to take notes.
Games, songs and sayings summon up the demanding world of childhood and the maturity that threatens it.
A doctor and his family must learn to face the fact of his terminal illness. Tackles the subject of death with uncompromising honesty.
Moon and Murna
An old woman (70s) picks up a young man (late 20s, early 30s) on the steps of a Food Bank. They exchange some food as they size each other up. She invites him home for tea and he accepts - already crossing the borders of safety for both of them. Over tea, and then sherry, and Bingo, they have a wide-ranging, revealing conversation. She is not what she seems, a bag lady with an education and a past. And he is a dropout with and education and no future. They attach each other's values and she plays mind games with his head. A strange attraction, almost sexual, escalates and she raises the stakes. It's not tea and sympathy; it's tea and terror.
A woman, a widow, not very old, meets a new man who pulls her out of mourning into another kind of pain... and strength. A monologue, over a period of weeks, as she copes with the encounters.
A woman's husband dies suddenly. She goes through the steps of recovery into a new life - with all the men in her life (undertaker, minister, insurance agent, young lover, gay friend, serious suitor - played by one man)
The Discovery Trunk
Aliens have mistakenly sent a "Discovery Capsule" to Earth and are determined to retrieve it, but before they can, it is found by children on their way to school.
The Horsburgh Scandal: The Play
The true tale of the Chatham minister who fought off scandalous charges of "encouraging loose morals among United Church teenagers."
The Old Woman and the Pedlar
The Old Woman loses her skirt and petticoats at the side of the road (stolen by the Pedlar). She searches for her skirt and her identity, helped by some very strange people.
The Second Shepherds' Play
Adapted from The Wakefield Mysteries. Three shepherds seek a stolen sheep from Mak, who pretends it's a baby. On their way back to the fields, the shepherds meet an angel with Big News, and all Heaven breaks loose.
Time Bomb
A group of ex mental patients struggle for self-esteem and human dignity in a boarding house. Based on the author's undercover experience.
About an immigrant Icelandic family in Canada, taking place over the long weekend in August 1953, with flashbacks from 1871 forward. The great-grandchildren prepare to stage a concert on the veranda, while the patriarch Petur Magnusson recalls his life.

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