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Bill and Mary
The play is set in Mary Gilmor'e (later Dame) apartment in Kings Cross, Sydney, at the time her portrait was being painted by William Dobell (later Sir). The play is about the exchanges, discussions, arguments between the two, revealing much about them, as well as Australian politics, culture and art.
The School of Arts
1967 was before most people had television, before the internet and the web, when communities often provided their own entertainment. It was the also the year of the constitutional referendum which recognised Aboriginal people as part of the Australian population. In a story based on the visit to a small country town by a company of actors to perform Shakespeare in the School of Arts hall, many aspects of life in Australia at the time are brought to life in a dramatic way. There is suspense, humour, mystery, intertwined with Shakespeare and the events of the day, making it a play within a play.
Emmett Rosebury, a boy who has lost the use of his legs, spends a lot of time at the beach. He finds a shell on the beach which gives him ideas. His solitude is interrupted by the arrival of Springle and Blackburn. It is a school day and everyone at the school has to receive the needle but unbeknown to Springle and Blackburn, Rosebury has already had his needle and school has been cancelled for the day. Springle and Blackburn had already decided to skip school, and the needle, and spend the day at the beach. They meet Rosebury at the beach and from there the relationship between them develops into one where Springle and Blackburn overcome their prejudice and come to accept Rosebury and understand that he is not really that different…

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Bille Brown

Bille Brown s-a nascut la data de 11 ianuarie 1952 in Biloela -Queensland, Australia.

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