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An Octoroon
Adaptation of Dion Boucicault's The Octoroon. The play begins with BJJ, in a black box telling the audience a conversation he and his therapist had, to get him excited about playwriting and to overcome depression.
The story of one unhappy clan’s reunion in the shadow of death suggests a century-spanning anthology of similarly themed classics. Once again, we are faced with a flock of dissatisfied relatives, flown back to the old homestead for one last angry feast of guilt and recrimination.
Based on a medieval morality play that instructs sinners on how to repent and seek redemption. When Everybody protests his imminent death, he is given the option of taking a friend along for company. To his dismay, he discovers that no one with whom he spent the days and nights of his life is willing to accompany him in death.
The play is focusing on the lives of working Americans and dynamics in the workplace. It starts on a normal work day for a group of aspiring writers who are growing tired of the monotony of their desk jobs. Dean stumbles in hungover from a party at the home of the 'office freak', Gloria, the night prior. As the day goes on, everyone goes about their business, though tensions are high with a dispute over who should be allowed to write a story on a deceased singer, and Gloria begins to act stranger than usual. In a sudden shift in tone, Gloria shoots and kills many workers, including Miles and Ani, leaving Dean, Kendra, Nan, and Lorin alive. The story then follows the fallout of each character's life as they try to cope with the stress of witnessing the events and feud over who deserves a book deal based on the events of the shooting.
About a family of five “hooting, hollering, joking” as they carry boxes into their new home, according to the stage directions. What makes this unlike a usual move-in day is that the family, the Crows, is made up of black actors in blackface. Soon the youngest girl, Topsy throws a box of several dozen white baby dolls to the floor and dances on them to a blaring recording of “Dixie,” an anthem of minstrel shows and the Confederacy.
In a Washington hospital room, Roberta lies in a bed, tubes in her arms, an oxygen mask strapped to her face. Roberta has suffered a severe stroke and her two adult children, Joanne, the mother of a toddler, and Tate, a political consultant, have arrived to tend to her. Both are surprised by the presence of a strange woman in the room, who won’t or can’t respond to their questions. They are even more perplexed when the woman, Elfriede, claims to be their mother’s sister.

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Branden Jacobs-Jenkins

Branden Jacobs-Jenkins s-a nascut la data de 28 decembrie 1984 in Washington, D.C., SUA.

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