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A Quiet Place
Two amnesiacs in a room with no door attempt to solve the puzzle of their own existence while trying not to kill each other or fall in love. A great reckoning in a little room, this play will take you from mystery to comedy to tragedy - all with just two men, one chair and a light bulb.
Alias Godot
A grizzled New York detective and his dimwitted partner Eddie are holed up in a seldom-used police interrogation room with a mysterious stranger named Godot who claims he is late for a very important meeting. Things are further complicated by the arrival of Special Agent Rocko of the "Anti-Domestic Terrorism Unit" and his (mostly) mute administrative assistant Linus.
An emotionally and morally distraught corporate employee on his morning walk to work is pushed to the breaking point when an embittered panhandler refuses to take his toonie.
Wide Awake Hearts
Four nameless friends - a writer, an actress, an actor and an editor - stumble through the nightmarish landscape of love and infidelity while trying to make a movie about those very things. Reality and fiction blur as all four try to tear everything apart, hoping to wake up to something better.

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Brendan Gall

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