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Human Rat Lab
Extorting big business? Yes! Writing ‘them’ a damning blackmail letter? Of course! Demanding hundreds of thousands from this ‘seedy’ corporation? Naturally, it should be easy. But that is not the case when Valerie Ann Bennett, head of said company, hires a private detective to find the culprit before he brings her pharmaceutical empire down to its knees. Unconventional, unconvincing, and un- everything really, Charles Picket would not be Ms. Bennett’s first choice for a P.I. were it not for the discretion he organically provides.
Lofty Larceny
In this two act French farce, set in a luxury sky rise apartment, Tom Flores, the wealthy industrialist (whose knitting needle business has gone down the toilet) is planning a magnificent heist to save his failing business - stealing his own wife's jewels. Luckily his wife is too busy contemplating somebody else's jewels (Yves, Tom's private secretary's) to notice. Tom decides to hire a bumbling actor, Greg Hasbine to play the part of a window cleaner/jewel thief to steal the jewels. Little do they know that Greg isn't going to be the only jewel thief planning to clean them out that day...
The Pink Pearl
Tony is a cat-loving vegetarian and has dreamed about opening a vegetarian restaurant for a long time. He finally agrees with owner Bert to rent his closed restaurant… and just in time too, because he's already invited Lisa Chan, the noted international food critic to inspect and dine in his new veggie restaurant in three days time with a view to winning the coveted 'Golden Tofu' plaque.

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Bruno Lacroix

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