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The life and times of New Zealand's best known bushman, author, TV personality and all round Kiwi bloke.
Goldilocks and the Three Bears
A slapstick retelling of the traditional fairy tale where Goldilocks discovers not only the three bears’ cottage but the secret of her own parentage. The plot delightfully begins to mirror that of Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Ernest. Complete with traditional farcical comings and goings. Goldilocks carries on the Carl’s tradition of children’s theatre full of wacky, larger than life characters, enough modern references to keep everyone laughing, and action galore.
Hansel and Gretel
In this tale of blended families gone horribly wrong, Hansel and Gretel try to outwit their mean stepmother, when she abandons them in the forest, but their hungry tummies land them in big trouble. Hansel and Gretel need all the help they can get to escape from the wicked witch and find their way home.
Jack and the Beanstalk
An adaptation of the traditional story.
Fay Gay tells her fellow drag performer Tatiana the story of how the Castle Road Tavern was turned from a straight up working men's pub into a venue for spectacular drag shows. A mad free wheeling Kiwi version of the Cinderella story.
Matthew, Mark, Luke and Joanne
Matthew, Mark, Luke and Joanne tells the story of Matthew, who in the midst of a mid-life crisis has a cosmic - and spiritual - experience in the Organic, Ethnic and Gluten Free aisle of his local supermarket. This profound change cannot be accepted by Joanne, his wife and Mark, his best friend and business partner. Luke never appears on stage – you just have to have faith that he exists.
Puff The Magic Dragon
Experience the magical story of Jacky Paper and the Land of Honalee with this show based on the popular song. Travel with Jacky and Puff as they share daring adventures together and save Honalee from the dreaded Belinda Blunderbuss the pirate queen. A proven crowd puller full of audience interaction and large colourful characters.
Rudolf The Red Nosed Reindeer
Follow Rudolph as he travels through the North Pole to become Father Christmas's most important reindeer. Join in the fun as the audience helps him save Christmas and meet an energetic assortment of anarchic arctic characters including Jack Frost, a group of musical penguins called 'The Ice Girls' and Elvis the evil Elf. Fast, fun filled theatre with a contemporary feel for all ages.
Stinky the Goblin and the Queen
When young Mathew Small's parents mysteriously vanish he is sent to live with his strict but unfair aunt Agatha. While there Mathew discovers a plan by a pack of devious goblins to kidnap Queen Elizabeth (and her royal corgi, Winston) on her latest royal tour of New Zealand. Will Mathew save the Queen or will that be left up to God as usual? Is King Stinky really as mean (and as smelly) as he makes out? Who will the rampaging escaped crocodile actually eat? And what did happen to Mathew's parents? Fun for the whole family.
When Young Josh is sent to stay with his geriatric grandmother he expects a weekend of endless tedium only interrupted by tedious knitting. If only his grandmother was more like his hero, that caped crime fighter, SuperNan. Faster than a speeding wheelchair! Able to leap tall Zimmer Frames in a single bound! What Josh doesn't know is that SuperNan and his own seemingly frail Grandmother are one and the same. Will SuperNan be able to thwart the evil Doctor Weed and her plans to destroy every plant in the city using the stolen Neil Diamond? Will SuperNan be eaten by the tank of killer sharks? Will Josh find out his grandmother's secret identity? A hilarious fast paced play for children of all ages. Includes some audience participation.
The Birthday Boy
The Birthday Boy has been described as a contemporary kiwi comedy of modern manners, following two couples and the life choices they make over 25 years. What happens to friendships when life takes the friends in completely different directions? David and Kathy and Stuart and Elizabeth, all friends since school, seemingly have it all, but when Kathy announces she is pregnant on her husband's 40th birthday, the foursome's decades of elegant dinner parties and holidays come to an end.
The Book of Fame
Adapted from the Lloyd Jones novel The Book of Fame tells the story of an unlikely bunch of lads heading to the UK in 1905 as All Blacks in the tour that made the team famous in New Zealand and around the world.
The Gingerbread Man
The audience help a hapless chef figure out the recipe to create the gingerbread man before the freshly-baked biscuit decides he doesn't want to be a snack and goes on the run from a variety of pursuers
The Little Mermaid
A contemporary take on the Hans Christian Anderson story about a young mermaid willing to give up her life in the sea and her identity as a mermaid to gain a human soul for the love of a human prince.
The Owl and the Pussycat.
Edward Lear is lost in nursery rhyme land hot on the trail of Who-Who the Owl who holds the key to Edward getting home. He meets an assortment of characters, includling the geriatric cow in training to jump over the moon, the pig who wants to be a stand up comedian, the three blind mice minus their tails and, of course, the owl and his new bride, the Pussycat, dancing beneath the moon. Where is the turkey who married them? and will Owl be able to help Edward get home, or will he be trapped in nursery rhyme land forever?
The Raft
A strong bold drama that gets to the emotional rub of a family dealing with a deep personal tragedy, Carl Nixon's The Raft is a Court Theatre commission that premiered as part of the Christchurch Arts Festival, 2007. The play is set over a rainy weekend in a West Coast bach where a family try to pick up the pieces and wrestle with the things have remained submerged for too long.
The Reluctant Dragon
When a dragon moves in close to his village only Boy is not terrified. And for good reason. This dragon loves nothing more than writing poetry and would no more carry off the local princess as write a haiku in iambic pentameter. But old prejudices die hard and before you can say ‘comic mix up’ the villagers have sent for the famous dragon slayer Sir George. Full of physical humour and with laughs for everyone from two to a hundred and two, The Reluctant Dragon celebrates poetry and non-violence and will have the audience in stitches.
The Three Little Pigs
Three pink piggies tumble on stage; we learn the defining qualities of the three siblings as they prepare for a meal. Enter Aunt Petunia, with her brusque authoritarian stance, she bundles the reluctant pigs out into the world. The wolf in this version has an enjoyable dopey side kick, Cat, and together disguised as Shonky and Shonky Building Materials Inc, they become advisors to each of the house seekers in turn before Wolf does his spectacular chimney stunt and ends up in the cooking pot
The War Artist
France, 1918. Two New Zealand soldiers are on burial detail – tasked with laying to rest five of their fellow countrymen - but not just any grave will do. Accompanying the two is the newly appointed New Zealand war artist, squeamish Captain George Butler, who is unsure what business an artist has being in the middle of a battlefield. The War Artist is a funny, bittersweet, and moving tribute.
Two Fish 'n' a Scoop
Jason, a pakeha New Zealander comes to work in a fish and chip shop owned by a Chinese immigrant, Mr Chan, and his obese pakeha wife. Against her father's wishes, Rhea starts a relationship with Jason and falls pregnant. Things turn bad when Jason is caught up in an act of racial violence perpetrated by one of his long-time mates.

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Carl Nixon

Carl Nixon s-a nascut la data de 1967 in Christchurch, Noua Zeelandă.

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