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Dr Egg and The Man with No Ear
$14.00 PDF download add to cart read extract copy licensing production rights Preview the full script online, with an AustralianPlays.org subscription preview full script DR EGG AND THE MAN WITH NO EAR by Catherine Fargher A sad man has lost his ear and his wife in an unfortunate accident with a snappy bull terrier. His wife dead, he tries to live a happy life with his young daughter, but he cannot overcome his craving for a new ear. One day he locates a mysterious scientist, Dr Egg, and is offered a previously unthinkable possibility; Dr Egg can try to grow him a new ear. But first he needs a small piece of flesh. The Man refuses but is increasingly tortured by his desire for the ear. Finally his curious daughter sneaks out of home and finds her way to Dr Egg’s laboratory to give him the flesh herself. Before their very eyes, the ear grows, but it does not stop there. A new life is made. And it looks a lot like her. Should her creation live or die? Dr Egg, the Daughter, and the Man are faced with a dilemma.
The Body Ophelia
The play explores the uncharted territory of one of Shakepeares' most enigmatic characters, charting the psyche and explorations of Ophelia off the stage, the time and space between her silence and her madness. The piece also explores the case studies of Sigmund Freud and Joseph Breuer from their landmark 'Cases in Hysteria', published in 1893 and seen as crucial in the charting of the subconscious in the 20th century. The Body Ophelia also attempts to respond to Luce Iriguary, Helene Cixcous, Monique Wittig and Melanie Klein's call for the exploration of the female psyche as a means of bringing subjectivity to the Patriarchy. By reclaiming the power of the erotic and identifying with the power of the male phallus as a means to experience the psychic development of desire, Ophelia can write her own body, and explore nature, erotica and body memory as powerful healing forces. Finally the piece explores contemporary manifestations of 'the Hysteric' including anorexia and bulimia.
The Jetty
The script explores the construction of the Wangaroo jetty (South Australia’s longest wheat transporting jetty on the Yorke Peninsula) in 1924, just before the depression years through the eyes of a young rail engineer, Jack French and his new bride Elsa. As Elsa experiences the trials and tribulations of frontier life, and makes the aquaintance of the her local Aboriginal neighbours, Jack is dealing with troubles of his own including labour strife and a Texan railway boss, AB Whales. On a larger canvas the play explores the illusion of progress and the meteoric rises and falls from working to middle class in Australia prior to and during the depression. It also reflects upon similar notions in contemporary globalised economies and initiatives that make up the current national push for progress, such as the Telstra optical fibre rollout and most recently the national broadband rollout.
The Marigold Hour
The play's narrator, Rosebud, is a sensitive bloom raised on the arid soils of Adelaide. She is her mother's pride and joy until she is plucked and taken to the underworld of steamy, sensuous Sydney -- land of the glitter ball. Her abductor is Marigold, 6 ft. 2 in. tall, a flannelette shirted butch lesbian unlike anyone Rosebud has ever seen before. By Marigold's side, Rosebud explores her budding lesbian femme persona and struggles with her friends, family and the mandatory lesbian collective to arrive at a place of full bloom and sensuality. The text is at times comic, erotic and poetic as it explores the erotic potential of the floral motifs which resonate throughout.
The Violin Player
The Battle of the Somme 1918…A young man with a violin… Recreation leave and Mustard Gas … A great uncle lost…His diary discovered…A young man busking in Paris 1981…his great uncle’s violin stolen at a Paris station… A piecing together of song, sound and memory.
The Woman Who Knitted Herself a Child
follows a woman scientist as she does an extraordinary thing: she is knitting herself a child. The piece explores the reveries of this woman as she tries to make sense of a changing and highly technological world. Working at the 'coalface' of genetic research, cloning transgenic organisms, she explores the miraculous futures promised by cloning, IVF, stem cell technology and Dolly the sheep. In her inner world, she knits together the ancient knit and purl stitches, and the constantly evolving strands of DNA double helix. Throughout the play, memories of her past emerge, as a child and as a pregnant teenager making a decision on her reproductive future, and finally the growing wish for her own child.

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