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Clark In Sarajevo
A surreal and poetic play that traces the journey of Clark Cant, a reporter who decides to become a war correspondent in an effort to challenge his ordinariness. He goes to Sarajevo in the middle of the siege, encountering lives distorted by war, stretched to the limits of their endurance. The play is about these human issues, not the external political issues of war.
Family Running for Mr. Whippy
One woman trapped in a suburbia of memories where the flywire is always slamming and Mr Whippy is nowhere to be found. A reverie out of control. A funny, dark, surreal look at a girl's alienation within her family.
Short Circuit
Over three years, Australia's new writing theatre, Griffin Theatre Company, presented fourteen unique short plays across its mainstage seasons. Seen for one night only, The Fates, Seasons and The Seven Needs were three play-cycles provoked by the classical mythology of man's inescapable destiny, the seasonal patterns and Maslow's Pyramid of Human Needs.
Wharf At Woolloomooloo
It is 1946, and Peggy is an expressionist artist in a Sydney that doesn't yet understand. But it matters not for, on one fateful night, she meets the young, rich and powerful art patrons, the Huxleys. She swoons, she falters, she falls in love. But does love really look like this?

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Catherine Zimdahl

Catherine Zimdahl s-a nascut la data de in , Australia.

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