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Domestic Bliss
Was inspired by tracks worn into lino in the kitchen of an old abandoned house. What might the women who lived there over the years say to each other if they could meet? Grace (a 1950s housewife with a secret), Jackie (a feisty 1970s solo mum) and Sarah (a modern businesswoman and mother of two) all live at 47 Portia Street. In researching for Domestic Bliss,Christina Stachurski interviewed thirty women and read stacks of old New Zealand Women's Weeklies, interested in how attitudes to house and home have changed for women over three generations - and how things today might even be coming full circle.
Hot Stuff
A farce about sex, drugs, violence, revenge and true love. When Rosie (a student), Tracey (a mother) and Penelope (a credit card maxed-out socialite) secretly sign on for telephone sex training, they don't expect to see their partners turn up at Fifi's, also a massage parlour. While Simon is innocently delivering extra hot Thai takeaways, Duane has left the missus and wants a spot of "hot stuff". Henry (an undercover detective) is staking out Rick, Fifi's accountant who's at the centre of an unravelling drug deal, code name Hot Stuff. A fast-moving farce with many disguises, surprises and a distinctively Kiwi flavour!
Love, babe
Love, babe is set in a contemporary cafe, late at night. Cassie and Nick get into an argument about love and beam in extracts from the stories and lives of famous lovers. Cassie and Kate, the waitress - get so frustrated with Nick's point of view that they cut, paste and rewrite the tragic stories, with all the scenarios being played out on stage. At the same time, Nick's and Cassie's relationship develops, and the audience are posed with lots of questions about the nature of love.
A one act protest play about breasts and cupcakes. Comic and tragic, Pink is fun to rehearse and exciting to stage. A quick series of thematically linked monologues and short scenes provide scope and a challenge for actors, director and designer.
A new play, Pitcairn, explores the island’s unique and complex history. Four of the five characters are based on real people. John Adams is the last surviving mutineer, a rough-as-guts sailor visited by the hounds of Hell. Teehuteatuaono (a Taihitian woman) was tricked onto the Bounty and has been plotting ever since. Six generations later, handsome Andrew Young is a charming tour guide, but is he all he seems? And what happened between 1948 and 1952 to provoke an ordinary New Zealand woman (married to the new school teacher) to take on the British Government?
Rural Sunnybrook School faces losing one teacher at the end of the year unless staff can fundraise enough to cover that salary. At the same time, the teachers have individual crises to deal with: Daphne's newly retired husband is driving her up the wall, Derek has to learn to cope once his mother dies, Miranda's marriage is in trouble, and Libby juggles teaching, sole responsibility for her four children, housework and sleep. They all have trouble with the new, power-crazed principal.

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Christina Stachurski

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