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In a refugee camp "somewhere between Europe and Hell", three people with no common language rely on a translator for their survival in the fallout from a fratricidal war. Deals are made, a sacrifice is asked, a betrayal is made. A luminous tree, adorned by scraps of golden rubbish shelters them as a drama of precarious trust, desire and betrayal plays out in the mud.
My Vicious Angel
The play is set in a kind of haunted hospital. Pearl is a trapeze artist who has fallen and broken her spine; Merle her dead twin sister who died in a fire. Through Merle's at first unwelcome visitations, Pearl is lured back into their sad history via role playing (Mum, Dad, and Oscar the parrot are hilariously invoked) and through music (Mum's tangos, Dad's beloved sea shanties). The twins have a dense private language. Themes include memory, lies, trauma, flight and falling and incomplete grieving. Performance also requires 2 musicians.
Pussy Boy
A blackly comic urban fable, set under a freeway overpass. Bill is teaching young son Algy to "hammer straight and think useful". But when Bill evicts their bag-lady tenant, the Dog Lady, and the police remove her 14 dogs, Algy runs away. Bill hunts for his son; when he finds him hiding with the Dog Lady, a deadly choice is forced on Algy. A singing police chorus duo write an endless Report but are distracted by lust and the moon; they appear as unreliable angels to the dreamy Algy, trapped between Bill's violent world and the animal comfort of the Dog world.
Slow Falling Bird
Conceived on the boat of an asylum seeker, Fish Child hovers above the Woomera Immigration Detention Centre in the Australian desert, reluctant to be born. Her mother becomes enmeshed in an increasingly deadly struggle with a prison guard, bargaining for her child's future. The grim and surprising outcome forms a dark prism through which the brutal realities confronting those who arrive unbidden in Australia's waters are refracted. The play explores the warping social and mental conditions on both sides of the wire, and asks what kind of new life, and new society, can be born into such barren surroundings. By turns bleak and darkly comical, it veers between the harsh realism of the prison camp and the hallucinatory excesses of the Karaoke Bar in the desert. It takes place against the wider background of a world with tightly patrolled borders and an increase of 'non-citizens' without civil rights. I
Set in a wealthy family's penthouse on The Island, Weightless is a darkly absurdist political satire about the cost of living high above the rest of the world. Through plastic surgery, sex and cultural amnesia, the family almost succeed in ignoring the dangerous crumbling of their fortress. The maid loses her female parts along with her memory and language; the lovelorn husband devolves into a chicken; the violent son is kept in check by a live-in nurse; cosmetic surgery maintains appearances at all costs. But when gravity makes its inevitable return, their elevated world implodes, with savage and farcical consequences.

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