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Edward the Second Text disponibil online
Hero and Leander
This poem starts with the description of the young lovers: the incomparably lovely virgin, Hero, dedicated to the service of the love goddess – she is "Venus' nun"(line 45) -- and the handsome Leander. Both young people are described as having more than human beauty. Hero is so beautiful that the love-god Cupid mistakes her for that most beautiful of the goddesses, his mother Venus. Leander's description is even more extreme, and perhaps a bit bizarre. He is described as so attractive that even men find him beautiful. Marlowe shows his extreme handsomeness as feminine.
Massacre at Paris Text disponibil online
Tamburlaine the Great, Part I Text disponibil online
Tamburlaine the Great, Part II Text disponibil online
The Jew of Malta Text disponibil online
The Tragedy of Dido Queene of Carthage Text disponibil online
The Tragical History of Dr. Faustus - 1604 Text disponibil online

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Christopher Marlowe

Christopher Marlowe s-a nascut la data de 26 februarie 1564 in Canterbury, Marea Britanie.

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