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The Gardener’s Son
Based on actual events which took place in the mill town of Graniteville, South Carolina in 1876, McCarthy’s drama concerns two families: The Greggs, founders of The Graniteville Manufacturing Company, and the McEvoys, an Irish Catholic family, previously farm owners, who have come to Graniteville to work for the mill with the promise of steady wages.
The Stonemason
This play focuses on the tribulations of the Telfair family over a three-year period. The story is told by monologues of the character Ben Telfair, a 32-year-old third generation stonemason. Two acts are taken up to provide back story which involves Ben's choice to not go to college and take up the family business of stonemasonry.
The Sunset Limited
The Sunset Limited, is derived from the name of a passenger train that travels from New Orleans to Los Angeles. All of the action takes place in Black's sparse apartment, where the characters go (at the behest of Black) after their encounter on the platform. Black is an ex-convict and an evangelical Christian. White is an atheist and a professor. They debate the meaning of human suffering, the existence of God, and the propriety of White's attempted suicide.

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Comarc McCarthy

Comarc McCarthy s-a nascut la data de 20 iulie 1933 in Rhode Island, SUA.

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