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Birds, The
Bazată pe povestirea din 1952 de Daphne Du Maurier. Trei străini sunt atacați de păsări și se adăpostesc într-o casă abandonată unde au parte de teroare și suspans.
Come On Over
The story of Matthew and Margaret, childhood sweethearts who are now in their fifties. He is a Jesuit who investigates miracles for the Vatican; she runs a rural bed and breakfast. When he is sent to see the 400-year-old remains of a girl found in their h
Dublin Carol
centers around John Plunkett, an undertaker in his late fifties. The play is divided into three scenes, all of which take place in his office in Dublin on Christmas Eve. In the morning we see John interacting with Mark, a twenty-year-old boy who is helping John while the boss, Noel, is in hospital having tests. John and Mark return from a funeral service, and John regales Mark with stories from his past, and how he met Noel, who is incidentally, Mark's uncle. Noel saved John from a life of alcoholism and gave him a job here. John seems anxious for Mark to keep him company this morning, and he only allows him to leave when the whiskey he is knocking back runs out. The next scene sees the arrival of Mary, John's estranged daughter who's in her thirties. She implores John to come and see Helen, his wife and her mother. She is sick in hospital and has asked to see John. John abandoned his family twenty years ago, and his feelings of guilt and anguish make him turn angrily on Mary. But he finally agrees to go. Mar
Girl from the North Country
Duluth, Minnesota, a city on the shores of Lake Superior. It's the winter of 1934 and America is in the grip of the Great Depression. The story is narrated by Dr. Walker, physician to the Laine family. Nick Laine is the proprietor of a rundown guesthouse. The bank is threatening to foreclose on the property and he is desperate to find a way to save his family from homelessness. His wife, Elizabeth, is suffering from a form of dementia which propels her from catatonic detachment to childlike, uninhibited outbursts which are becoming difficult to manage. Their children are Gene, who is in his early twenties, and their adopted daughter, Marianne, who is nineteen. Marianne is five months pregnant and the identity of the father is a mystery she guards carefully. Nick is trying to arrange a marriage between Marianne and a local shoe mender, Mr. Perry, in order to secure her future. The social awkwardness is complicated by the fact that Marianne is a black girl living with a white family. She was abandoned in the guesthouse as a baby and brought up by Nick and Elizabeth.
Good Thief, The
The story of a paid thug
Inventing Fortune's Wheel
Kevin, an engineering graduate, returns from work on an irrigation project in Melai, without the answers he went there to find. The play follows the first days of Kevin's return to Ireland.
Light in the Window of Industry, A
Michelle Pfeiffer
Port Authority
In Port Authority, we meet Kevin, Dermot and Joe, three generations of Dublin men. Their stories, told by means of three interlocking monologues, explore the possibilities they have had in their lives for happiness and love.
Radio Play - Concerning Communication
Through the night, Joe Walshe presents 'the John & Jane Doe show' on DBR+J27 107.1FM where he tries very hard to highlight the richness and glamour of the lives of ordinary folk: housewife Anne, superintendent Brian, poet Kevin, theology guru Eddie, and recently-freed pal Bob. Meanwhile, the rest of the world
Rum And Vodka
A young Irishman with a drink problem tells of three momentous days in his life when his drab nine-to-five existence is obliterated in an escapist binge which threatens to engulf him.
Scenes Federal
Seafarer, The
It's Christmas Eve and Sharky has returned to Dublin to look after his irascible, ageing brother who.s recently gone blind. Old drinking buddies Ivan and Nicky are holed up at the house too, hoping to play some cards. But with the arrival of a stranger from the distant past, the stakes are raised ever higher. In fact, Sharky may be playing for his very soul. . .."I hope your eye is in. I hope your game is up. Because to tell you the truth, I'd love a run for my money just once. Or maybe you just feel like giving in. Maybe it's a relief to finally be set free from the jaws of God's wilderness, is it?"
Shining City
Ian has left the priesthood to become a therapist. John is one of his first clients. John's wife has been killed in a car accident, and he keeps seeing her ghost. As John recovers with Ian's help, Ian himself is going under with troubles of his own.
St Nicholas
A cynical and jaded drama critic falls for a beautiful young actress. In pursuing her he meets a group of modern day vampires, who offer him eternal life. His part of the bargain is to feed their bloodlust
Stars Lose Their Glory, The
Neil and Stephen are two opinionated reviewers for a small publishing house. Chris, their boss, lets it drop to Neil that it might be in his interest to recommend a 'tell-all' rock memoir. Stephen, on the other hand, thinks the book should be used as lavatory paper. How can Neil convince Stephen of the book
Taking Stock
The Dance of Death
Edgar and Alice sit in their suffocating apartment listening to music waft through their tiny windows from the party they have not been invited to play from across the street.
The Night Alive
Explorează viețile unor suflete rătăcite… și o întâlnire întâmplătoare care le-ar putea schimba cursul. Acțiunea are loc la Dublin, în camera dezordonată în care locuiește Tommy, un barbat de vârstă mijlocie a cărui viață este în derivă de doi ani încoace, de când s-a instrăinat de familia sa. El locuiește cu chirie în casa unchiului său, câștigându-și existența din tot felul de afaceri pe care le pune la cale cu prietenul său, Doc. Când Tommy vine în ajutorul unei tinere prostituate pe nume Aimee, începe să zărească o scânteie de speranță care îl face să creadă că viața lui poate căpăta, în cele din urmă, un sens. Însă trecutul nu poate fi lăsat ușor în urmă și totul s-ar putea prăbuși odată cu apariția unui bărbat din viața lui Aimee.
This Lime Tree Bower
In overlapping monologues, three young men from a small seaside town near Dublin tell of their inextricably linked lives and the eventful week which was to change things for good.
Barajul (Weir, The)
In a bar in rural Ireland, the landlord and three regulars attempt to spook a young woman who has recently arrived from Dublin. But as the conversation moves on it is Valerie who scares the men.

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Conor McPherson

Conor McPherson s-a nascut la data de 6 august 1971 in Dublin, Irlanda.

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