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Cutting Loose
The play takes place in Wellington, New Zealand, during the 1980s and follows the story of Greg. In the first act, Greg is in his first year at university and involved in demonstrations against the 1981 Springbok rugby tour of New Zealand. The second act takes place in 1986 when Greg is planning his departure for his OE.
Audience participation assists Patsy and George in their adventurous encounters with the Terrific Cop, the Rockin' Troll, Moon Child and others as they search for the King of the Clowns.
Glenys arranges a reality TV show garden make over for her husband and then sends him off fishing for the weekend. The cast and crew arrive and create mayhem as their larger than life egos collide. What will happen to the plum tree in the new tropical garden setting? Will Jared get his big break if the camera falls in love with him? Will Diana's spirulina have the desired effect?
Memory Line
Andrew lives in London; Luca lives in Rome. Will a move to New Zealand sustain their relationship ? Against a background of AIDS, a play about loving and lying, with memory as a driving force.
Piccole Storie
A Christchurch dance hall in the spring of 1950. While Rob and his wife, June, foxtrot, memories of war drift into the melody. Rob is pulled back to another life and another self. Italy. The war. The stories Rob cannot tell June, about his war, he must confess to their friend, Pat. Before Pat makes a terrible mistake. Then suddenly, across the dance floor: a face. Harry. Pat’s fiancé. A sharp memory on the sidelines. It’s time to make a run for it.
1973 and 1998: Two groups of young people - have we changed? Are our lovers and lives any different?
Set in an advertising agency in the late seventies, Stagger focuses on Evelyn's brief career as an advertising copywriter. Her affair with her boss. Michael, sees her challenge the legacy of the baby boomers as they begin to sell out. Stagger also reveals the hidden hypocrises and uncertainties involved in one generation trying to communicate with the other.
Telling Stories
1919 - Katherine Mansfield reviews Virginia Woolf's Night and Day negatively. 1920 - The two women meet to catch up and make up. In amongst the gossip, stories unfold and friendship is explored. An imaginary recreation of a real event.
Today's Bay
Written for the NZ Drama School, this play focusses on a group of university students studying Katherine Mansfield's short story 'At the Bay'. Dramatised scenes from the story are interspersed with the students' discussion of it and Mansfield.
When her cousin Nadia returns from Sydney, Ellie is suspicious of her arrival. Nadia says she wants to cash in an investment Ellie made for her so that she and her husband, Ahmed, can buy a flat in Sydney. Nadia would also like to borrow money from Ellie to top up the down payment on the flat. Ellie is hesitant. Her investments are largely tied up and she has cash-flow issues. On top of the money complications, there is a background unease associated with a terrorist attack on the Manley ferry in Sydney. Does Nadia really want the money to buy a flat? And where is her husband Ahmed? The financial stalemate between the two women forces them to dig down into their shared past. They find a need to understand the young girls they once were in light of the women they have become. Their pasts are haunted by ujaj, bitter water, which still forms a gulf between them.

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Craig Thaine

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