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Palace of Illusions
Hailed as a genius and sometimes a maniac, artist Shojo Kaneshiro gets his thrills through morbid re-enactments of self-destruction. Ignoring death threats, screaming protestors, and irate gallery owners, Shojo continues to escalate his controversial stunts, pushing the limits of good taste, budget, and schedule. At the peak of his infamy, several traumatic events finally force him to choose between two paths -- the rock star glamor of glorious self-destruction, or rejoining the real world and possibly achieving his one true wish.
Rock Opera God
Wedding bells signal the start of a war to end all wars. The gods of heaven and hell engage in a battle over the record deal of a lifetime, using the notorious rock duo, Orpheus and Eurydice, as their pawns. The path to true love and rock ‘n roll fame has never been so hellish!
The Little Adolfs
Like a punch in the face, the school bell at Divinity High signals the start of the daily, abusive power-struggle between teachers and students. Student Mitchell Moreau and his gang, the Little Adolfs, rule this brutal arena unchallenged — that is, until an anonymous writer publishes a series of incriminating short stories. Moreau begins a brutal and brilliant mind-game with the writer, in a violent power struggle that ends up unearthing an equally violent passion.

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Cynthia Ignacio

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