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Ivy Shambitt And The Sound Machine
Meet Ivy Shambitt - “…a small and sickly girl – her face was quite a fright, For you see she had no eyes (not one!) and therefore: no sight”. The small town of Apronwood appears normal enough, if a little tired and rundown. But the people of Apronwood harbour a dark secret and they will do anything they can to keep their secret and turn their sleepy village into a thriving tourist attraction. Even if it means murder… In this delightfully Roald Dahlesque tale, Daniel Evans warns us what happens when a community neglects its children and how the past comes back to haunt us.
Never 4 Ever
Welcome to the bizarre world of a bunch of night-shift workers at Coles. Fantasy and reality are lived in equal measure as the supermarket melds into the escapist realms of Outer Space and Neverland. Never 4 Ever is an exuberant and hilarious journey through time and space, that won’t easily be forgotten.
Oedipus Doesn’t Live Here Anymore
What if Oedipus lived next door? What if the whole street knew what he’d been up to with his own mother, because of the word daubed in fluorescent letters on his garage door?
Opening A Fuzzwollop’s Frame Of Mind
A delightfully funny absurdist play that explores the nature of humanity and our fear of the unknown.

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Daniel Evans

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