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When Abby’s husband dies, she starts attending synagogue. She befriends David, the young rabbi – and now that friendship is turning into something more. Meanwhile, her daughter claims she’s begun to spend time with her father’s ghost. A play about rational people intoxicated by the unseen.
In Full Light
Ben's teenaged daughter Claire is hit by a car. To ease his conscience, Leon, the driver, approaches Ben with a cheque. Which Ben takes. But now why is Leon calling Ben at work and showing up on his front lawn? And what's going on with Claire, now recovered, throwing rocks at the window of the boy who lives across the street? In Full Light is a riveting exploration of obligation, obsession and desire.
Little Death
Lyrical and spare, Little Death tells the story of a man who may or may not be dying and who frequents a hotel bar in search of sex and connection. It examines the ways that his erotic search, in the face of his mortality, is also a spiritual search, and how it shakes his relationship with his wife, with whom he's in an open marriage that's begun to break down.
The Biographer
Mysterious and gently poetic, The Biographer is the story of a father searching for his daughter amid the wreckage of an abandoned seaside carnival where he believes she disappeared, and a meditation on the ways we redeem ourselves - or fail to - through the stories we tell ourselves about our lives.
The Crossing Guard
Every day after school, seventeen-year-old Timothy waits at the neighbourhood crosswalk where years earlier his older sister disappeared. Every day he crosses the street with Jim, the elderly crossing guard. It's a ritual Timothy thinks might go on forever, until one day he arrives and Jim is absent. Instead, standing at the crosswalk is a young woman - a young woman who looks a lot like his missing sister. The Crossing Guard is a tender meditation on the limits of fidelity.
The Innocents
Stanley Birnbaum, 25-year-old wunderkind lawyer, has a bewildering new client: a bright young man from the suburbs who's confessed to a senseless murder. As Stanley is drawn deeper into his troubled client's life, everything he believes about his place in the world is thrown into doubt. And his own life - enviable, seemingly perfect - starts to fracture...
The Remarkable Flight of Marnie McPhee
Marnie is a 9-year-old would-be astronaut who gets caught building a spaceship in her basement. Much to her amazement, she doesn’t get in trouble. Instead, her parents and brother actually help her finish the job, and together they find themselves on a remarkable flight through space into the unknown. This heartwarming and funny play for young audiences follows the adventures of an imaginative young girl as she discovers the importance of family.

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Daniel Karasik

Daniel Karasik s-a nascut la data de 20 decembrie 1986 in , Canada.

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