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2-2 Tango
About the eternal struggle in relationships between emotional, physical and spiritual need and the assertions of independence.
Arigato, Tokyo
On a publicity tour in Japan, Carl, a Canadian author, finds himself falling in love amidst the sacred stages of Noh theatre and the seedy dance clubs in Tokyo, wired on cocaine and sake. Showing him around the city is his translator, Nushi, a young woman who's hoping to gain his affection. But when she introduces him to her brother, a seductive actor, Carl is quickly absorbed by an affair with him instead. As his tour continues, he straddles the fragmentary place between two cultures - one of individuality and directness, the other of tradition and formality - and uncovers the dualities that exist in life and love.
A play of three dialogues for three women, a therapist, her client and the client's daughter. About faith and loss and our search for meaning.
Through the course of this play, we peer behind the curtains of his neighbourhood as MacIvor plays the multiple characters who bear witness to Leonard's life and death. Yet each of their stories, while internally consistent, tells a subtly different version of what happened, progressively colouring and transforming our understanding of the characters as we think we had come to know them. In a headlong rush we understand that everyone's story inevitably dead-ends at preciselt the bottom of the preconceptions they brought to its telling.
Here Lies Henry
An idyllic sort of miserable sort of nightmarish sort of story book sort of remarkable sort of regular sort of story. A man alone in a room with a mission to tell you something you don't already know.
Victor's mother is possessed by the devil. His father is the saddest man in the world. His sister is in love with the dog. The one he loves does not love him ... and he's got nowhere to live.
How it Works
About four unforgettable people: Al, his ex-wife Donna, his new partner Christine, and his troubled daughter Brooke, whose world has fallen apart after her parents' divorce. Brilliantly weaving past and present , the play illuminates the lives of these four characters as they come to terms with their own stories.
I, Animal
Three riveting monologues from acclaimed author Daniel MacIvor that explore identity with tremendous insight and dark humour. "Man in Scrubs" follows the story of a queer black nurse who is getting awfully tired of being put in a box. He's queer, not gay, and he'll tell you the difference. He's always been the outcast, and constantly finds himself at the bottom of any and every hierarchy. With his patience waning, he confronts what it means to be an outsider, and, more importantly, what it means to take charge of one's own identity.
In on It
"A spiralling narrative about a dying man trying to make plans for the end, a pair of lovers trying to make it work and two men trying to make a play. A world where accidents happen. A story about control. A play that keeps its options open."
Marion Bridge
Three women in their thirties come "home" to Cape Breton to be with their dying mother. Each in her own way tries to deal with the painful loneliness of their lives - each is trying to reconcile what they habve become with what they thought they wanted out of life and with what they thought their parents wanted for them. Nothing, of course, has turned out exactly the way anyone imagined it would.
A one-man play which begins in the total darkness of a movie theatre. Series of stories about different characters whose lives seem eerily related.
Never Swim Alone
A competition. "If you let it, compassion will kill desire. Especially the desire to be first. And being first, my friends, is the point."
Small Things
The play explores how the little differences keep us from understanding each other.
The Best Brothers
After losing their free-spirited mother in a freak accident involving a large drag queen named Pina Colada, brothers Kyle and Hamilton Best have to find a way to work together to make the final arrangements. Polar oposites, Hamilton is a buttoned-down architect with a conventional life and Kyle is a slightly flighty real estate agent with unfortunate taste in men.
The Soldier Dreams
A play about love, an examination of the effect of death on the living, and a homage to those we love who have left us. A young man lies dying of AIDS, as his family gathers around. He whispers a few seemingly disjointed words, and it is up to his family to decipher them, even as they come to terms with his pending death.
This is a Play
A play, about a play, about a play.
This Is What Happens Next
A one man show about divorce, addiction and fairy tales.
Vic and Kat were the stars of iconic 90s punk band, Trigger. A decade or so after both the band and their friendship imploded on stage, they meet again to make an appearance at a fundraiser—provided, of course, that they can stand being near each other again. In a single night, they crash through their past, their respective addictions, their fears, and their remaining aspirations, each longing in a way for “when we were pure…when we were perfect” while knowing all the while that there isn’t a chance in hell of getting that feeling back…Trigger is a fiercely personal and philosophical clash between two women, a battle between ideologies, lifestyles—and between memories and the present.
Was Spring
The story of three women who suffered a tragic accident years ago.
Wild Abandon
A young man's blackly humorous and static observations about life, the universe and his egg.
You Are Here
You are about to meet Alison, who searches her life for meaning in this remarkable and powerful play. In a series of luminous moments and encounters, we're drawn into Alison's world: love that fades, hopes that die, and enduring friendship that offers the promise of redemption.

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Daniel MacIvor

Daniel MacIvor s-a nascut la data de 23 iulie 1962 in Sydney, Canada.

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