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A Fair Affair
Explores the "backwards" relationship of two secret lovers as they attempt to reconcile their romantic dreams. Based on the Chekhov short story "The Lady With The Pet Dog," this bittersweet love story unfolds with a timely twist.
Two overachieving teens get an after-school lesson in spelling, and a bitter dose of R-E-A-L-I-T-Y.
Eggs In a Basket
What do an Eastern European mail-order bride, an insecure political activist and a strange man in bowler hat have to do with each other? They all end up in Alvin Clogsworth's living room on the outskirts of London. When Alvin, a chemical engineer, finally gets his mail order bride-to-be, Katya, he is the happiest man around - even though Katya speaks little English. Things get more complicated when unbeknownst to Alvin, Katya's overprotective brother Misha and her revolutionary ex-fiance Alexi show up with a bigger plan in mind: to steal a deadly poison that Alvin has discovered, and assassinate the Prime Minister of their unstable country. Misunderstandings, lies and double crossing ensue in this dark and farcical look at love and international espionage in the hands of the incompetent.
When the new high school guidance counselor gets caught up in the lives of his students, involved with a frazzled parent, and placed on an "educational" committee that's banning books, not even his Advil addiction can save him.
La Fete
On Christmas Eve in Paris, sparks fly between a mother and daughter, while the new stepdad gets caught in the crossfire.
Ninja: The Musical
Three singing Ninjas who fight injustices in the word--overcoming everything from personal issues to wardrobe malfunctions. . .who else would you want on your side? - http://www.aatrevue.com
Two teen girls begin to grow apart as college starts, and small differences that seemed insignificant, now create chasms.
The Case of The Lost Lady
A film noir-style play about a husband, his missing wife, and of course--a detective.

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Daria Polatin

Daria Polatin s-a nascut la data de in , SUA.

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