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Clacson, trombette e pernacchi
The fictional plot revolves around a real political figure, Gianni Agnelli, head of the Fiat corporation from 1966 to 2003. When Agnelli is disfigured in a failed kidnap attempt, he is rescued by Antonio, one of his Fiat employees. Antonio flees the scene when people start shooting at him, leaving his jacket on Agnelli's body. Agnelli is taken to hospital in Antonio's jacket, where he mistakenly has his face reconstructed in Antonio's likeness.
Coppia aperta, quasi spalancata
A farce about sexual politics in marriage. A man persuades his suicidal wife that an open marriage is politically correct and embarks on dalliances with younger women, to her dismay and fury. After deciding to be on her own, the tables are turned when she confesses to a new man, Nobel prize nominated professor and inspired singer-songwriter; it is the husband who becomes suicidal.
Gli arcangeli non giocano al flipper
A group of young Milanese men play a prank on one of their group - "Lofty". They arrange a fake marriage to a prostitute, who pretends to be a beautiful Albanian princess. Lofty has a problem - he needs to get identity papers from the Ministry. The only way he can do this is to become a dog. He is taken into a local kennel, where he is eventually bought by a circus owner. After various further adventures, Lofty eventually awakes, only to find that it has all been a dream. But the lovely lady is still there with him. Archangels don't play pinball with people's lives
Il diavolo con le zinne
As described by Cappa and Nepoli, 'Alfonso Ferdinando de Tristano, an incorruptible, progressive magistrate (who disapproves of torture as an instrument of persuasion) investigates an arson in the cathedral. Unhappy about being subjected to his investigation, the prominent citizens of the town launch a campaign to discredit him, employing a couple of devils. One of them is instructed to enter the magistrate's body "through the most suitable orifice, the anus," transforming him into a rogue, a debauchee, a hypocrite and a black marketeer. Due to a misunderstanding, the devil Barlocca enters the body of Pizzocca Gannàssa, Alfonso's elderly and ungainly housekeeper, who is transformed into a delectable, busty lady (the 'boobs' of the title). Led astray by this beauty, the magistrate is dragged into court, but the she-devil allows him to be acquitted. Nonetheless he is condemned to become a galley slave in a subsequent trial.'
Il Eatto Della Francesca
Adapted by Stephen Stenning Millionaire media boss, Diana Forbes-McKaye, is kidnapped - but this ruthless magnate proves more resourceful than her clumsy abductors. Are things what they seem? Who is in charge? Who masterminded the abduction? Who has the television rights to this premier media event? Into this cocktail of chaotic double-dealing, Fo adds a gun-toting priest, a deranged altar boy, a kidnapper hiding in the fridge, pyromania and an explosive climax.
Il Papa e la strega
At the outset, the nameless pope, with 100,000 orphans waiting in St. Peter's Square and the world's press assembled for a news conference in the Vatican, is in the throes of paranoia, believing that the appearance of the children is sponsored by manufacturers of condoms in a plot to embarrass the Church. The witch, in nun's habit, turns up as an aide to the doctor summoned to treat the pope, and before long the Holy Father is seized with a paralytic affliction that, among other names, is known as a crucifixion stroke, leaving him with his arms outstretched.
Il primo miracolo di Gesù Bambino
The story of the Baby Jesus is told from an unusual point of view. The young child finds that he has the power to do miracles. When the other children refuse to play with him, he takes clay, breathes on it, and turns it into birds that fly. He is also tempted to turn bullies into pillars of stone.
Isabella, tre caravelle e un cacciaballe
A play-within-a-play wherein an actor condemned to death (for performing the works of a banned author) is granted a last wish to perform one last play. The play about Columbus presents the Genovese hero as an obsessive, wily individual, pitting his wits against Isabella.
Johan Padan and the Discovery of the Americas
It is narrated by Johan Padan, a fugitive from the Spanish Inquisition who accompanies Christopher Columbus on his fourth voyage to the New World.
La marijuana della mamma è la più bella
Acțiunea se petrece într-un apartament de la periferia orașului Milano,ocupat abuziv de o familie compusă din mamă, fiu și bunic. Mama încearcă să își salveze fiul de gașca stradală care îl trage tot mai mult în consumul de droguri.
La storia della tigre
During Mao's Long March across China, a revolutionary soldier is wounded. His comrades leave him behind. Gangrene sets in, and he believes that he is about to die. He drags himself into a cave and falls into a deep sleep. When he awakens, he is confronted by the sight of a female tiger and her cub. What follows is a comic narrative about their domestic life together, as the tiger nurses him back to health.
Mamma Togni
A dramatised personal testimony by a Mamma Togni, legendary woman partisan from the Upper Po valley, near Pavia. She is called into the streets to help people resist a meeting being organised by Fascists. She then tells about her time as a nurse, helping wounded partisans in World War II.
Mistero Buffo
A series of brief monologues with Biblical themes, drawn from the Biblical apocrypha and popular tales of the life of Christ. The performance texts are in a mixture of Italian, dialect and grammelot – a constructed or rather extemporised language that draws on, and mixes up, regional languages.
Moartea accidentală a unui anarhist (Morte accidentale di un anarchico)
O farsă bazată pe întâmplările unei persoane reale - Giuseppe Pinelli - care, în 1969, a alunecat sau a fost aruncat de la etajul 4 al poliției din Milano. Acțiunea piesei este ficțiune. Pentru a-l impresiona pe judecător, Maniacul interogat de inspectorul Bertozzo, cere să se reconstituie moartea de la etajul 4, este implicată presa, iarpiesa are două alternative de final.
Non Si Paga! Non Si Paga!
Piesa tratează o problemă extrem de actuală: lipsa banilor. Un amalgam de farse, dramă şi comedie în care totul porneşte la un soi de revoltă a oamenilor care pur şi simplu au ajuns cu datoriile până-n gât așa că decid să nu mai plătească, nemaiavând bani. Tot ce se întâmplă în această piesă e un fel de haz de necaz.
Non tutti i ladri vengono a nuocere
A burglar who is in the act of burgling the house is interrupted by the arrival of a couple - who are in fact having an affair. The farcical complications that ensue also involve the arrival of the burglar's wife. In the end, as they are all arguing among themselves, yet another burglar arrives to burgle the flat.
Quasi per caso una donna: Elisabetta
The play takes place in the boudoir of Elizabeth I of England. In the midst of political upheaval aging Elizabeth is eagerly awaiting the arrival of her lover, the Earl of Essex, who is involved in an attempted coup d'etat against the queen. In order to prepare for this tryst, she has summoned her beautician, Dame Grosslady, who speaks primarily in grammelot.
Un morto da vendere
A pair of card sharps shoot a simpleton after they are beaten by him in a card game.
O femeie singură (Una donna sola)
Acțiunea se petrece în spaţiul unei camere de baie ca o metaforă a intimităţii, a locului în care poate să intervină atât ce e mai bun, cât şi ce e mai rău. Giulia, personajul central reueşte să se redescopere prin mărturii tulburătoare, dar fără să îşi piardă simţul umorului şi incită cu fineţe la dezbateri care să dea foc lenei, schimbând obiceiuri şi făcând să piară prostia şi frica.

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Dario Fo

Dario Fo s-a nascut la data de 24 martie 1926 in Sangiano, Italia.

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